Eugh. Forget your drool bucket?


—Cassie Cage to the Akaname.

Gender Female
Status Alive
Origin Japan
Resides Outworld
Species Yōkai
In Mortal Kombat
Affiliations Yomi
Allies All other Yōkai
Enemies Unknown
Fighting Styles Hand-to-Hand Combat
Alignment Neutral
Games Mortal Kombat X (DLC)
The Akaname is a type of demon from Japanese Mythology and a DLC Guest Character in Mortal Kombat X.

Appearance Edit

The Akaname appears to be a Geisha wearing a black kimono with lotus designs all over it. However, she is six feet tall and has ram horns sticking out of the sides of her head. She has painted black, sharp fingernails, and her geta have tiny spikes on the bottom. Her kimono appears to have water stains on it in certain places. She has a tongue at least seven times the length of her body, and she uses this tongue to her advantage in combat.

Moveset Edit

Variations Edit

  • Dancer: Uses physical attacks more often. Her geta have larger spikes and her kimono has a crane design.
  • Maiko: Much faster, but kicks are severely gimped in terms of damage. Lacks geta and has a smaller kimono.
  • Singer: Shorter physical attack range but greater attack damage. She has a magnolia flower hairpiece in her hair.

Moves Edit

  • (W.I.P)

X-Ray Edit

  • Filthy Wrangler: The Akaname sticks the full length of her tongue out across the battlefield. If this connects, most of the tongue will wrap around the opponent's neck and squeeze, breaking most of the vertebrae in the process. She then brings the opponent close enough to be within hand's reach and slashes the opponent's body with her fingernails, breaking several ribs. She then lets go and retracts her tongue back into her mouth before kicking the opponent across the face with her geta, breaking the skull and lower jaw.

Fatalities Edit

  • Taste of Blood: The Akaname sticks out a large portion of her tongue and lashes the opponent with it numerous times, reducing the arms and parts of the chest to a bloody pulp. She then pushes the opponent down with her tongue piercing one of his/her/its eyes before walking over to the downed opponent. As the opponent screams, the Akaname stomps down on the opponent's head, crushing it.
  • Otherworldly Desires: The Akaname walks over to the opponent before the camera shifts into the opponent's point of view. She then uses her finger to cut off the opponent's arms and legs. As the opponent screams in pain, she draws an X on the opponent's forehead with a fingernail. Her tongue then wraps around the opponent's neck, and pulls hard enough to tear the head clean off the neck. As the camera rapidly flies into the demon's maw, her heartbeat can briefly be heard before fading into silence.

Other Finishers Edit

  • (W.I.P)

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