Cassie Cage:

  • "Cassandra Cage." (What?) "Your father will be next."
  • (Move it or lose it.) "Move aside mortal." (And here I thought demons had manners.) 


  • "Many Kytinns roam the Netherrealm." (Irrelevant to know.) "There's space for you."
  • (Ashrah.) "Shinnok's associates shall die." (The hive will eat your tongue first.)


  • "The final demon." (I am no demon foolish one.) "My blade says otherwise."
  • "At last." (We are not of your kind.) "Nonetheless."
  • (Ashrah.) "With your death, I shall ascend." (Mileena will be pleased with yours.)
  • (Outworld seeks your death.) "My blade seeks yours." (You will pay for your insolence.)

Erron Black:

  • "Mortal fool." (It's just money, nothing personal.) "Perhaps I'll feed you to the Cerberus."
  • (Looking for somethin'?) "Lead Ermac to me or die." (I'll just collect my money first.)


  • "Ferra." (Play with us.) "Such evil in your innocence."
  • (Ghost Lady!) "Two for one, demon special." (We take shiny sword and doll.)


  • "Where is your father?" (You're not taking him.) "Fine, you shall do."
  • (Don't think you're ready for this.) "I'm always ready." (Then let's go.)


  • "Servant of Quan Chi." (Not anymore.) "Just to be sure."
  • (Ashrah.) "Return to Quan Chi." (I'm getting too old for this shit.)

Johnny Cage:

  • "Your death means little for my ascension." (Then let's not fight babe.) "Killing you will only be for pleasure."
  • (Where have you been all my life?) "The Netherrealm, mortal." (So, fallen angel?)
  • (Who ya gonna call?) "No time for games." (Then I guess I win.)


  • "Leave me." (You're damn pretty for a demon.) "I do not accept your compliment."
  • (Damn.) "What do you want mortal?" (You give Kitana a run for her money.)


  • "Kitana." (Come to purify me Ashrah?) "If my sword deems you worthy."
  • (Queen of the Damned you say?) "Former Queen." (I see why.)
  • (Kung Lao's mistress.) "I wish to purify you." (You, cannot.)
  • "Quan Chi's magic could not hold me." (You will die and rejoin him.) "I'm already dead." *Revenant Skin*

Kotal Kahn:

  • "Inferior Outworlder." (I am an emperor.) "Still an Outworlder."
  • (Back to the depths Ashrah.) "After all I've done for you?" (It is where you belong demon.)

Kung Jin:

  • "An assassin." (No, a shaolin.) "Nonetheless."
  • (The demon vet.) "Move aside mortal." (So how do you groom a hellhound?)

Kung Lao:

  • "Interesting." (Beautiful.) "You see what I allow you to."
  • (The beautiful Ashrah.) "Flattery doesn't work on a demon." (Maybe this will.)
  • (Ashrah.) "I wish to purify you." (You think you can?) *Revenant Skin*

Liu Kang:

  • "Fool." (You enter the dragon's lair.) "I know it all to well."
  • (Looking for Kung Lao?) "No time for games." (This will end quickly.)
  • (I do not wish to fight you.) "You block my path to Quan Chi." (Don't do this.) *Revenant Skin*


  • "An assassin." (You will suffer demon!) "You are no more than kombat practice."
  • "Half-Demon. (I am empress of Outworld.) "Nonetheless.
  • (Miserable wench!) "Choose your words carefully Mileena." (Never!)
  • (Demon!) "Upset about something?" (You will pay for aiding the usurper.)


  • "Nitara is dead." (I am pleased, Ashrah.) "Now, reward me."
  • (Your services are no longer needed.) "You betray me at my peek?" (You upset the balance.)

Quan Chi:

  • "Leave me." (I will not.) "Then you must die."
  • "You were to have me killed." (Foolish to question my command.) "Now, I will purify you."
  • (Old friend.) "We were never friends." (So be it.)
  • (Ashrah.) "I will take your place." (If you defeat me.)


  • "Lord Raiden." (Heed my word Ashrah.) "I fear no God."
  • (Stay out of Earthrealm.) "I need a new home." (We do not host demons.)


  • "The Netherrealm hosts many Zaterrans." (Bring me to them.) "They are but shadows to the Brotherhood."
  • (What do you want Ashrah?) "Lead Ermac to me or die." (He should be the least of your concern.)


  • "You face me here?" (Indeed.) "You only hasten your demise."
  • (Ashrah.) "Scorpion." (My flames can burn even you.)


  • "Shinnok." (Return to the Cerberus.) "I fear no God."
  • (Ashrah.) "My Kriss can purify even you." (It can't.)


  • "You face me here?" (You and me right now.) "You are no more than kombat practice."
  • (Hold it right there.) "Move aside mortal." (Always gotta be the hard way.)


  • "Servant of Quan Chi." (Do you not trust me?) "Just to be sure."
  • (Bi-Han, where is he?) "Ask my blade." (Death is more honor than you deserve.)


  • "Fool." (How are you blocking me?) "Ask my pets when I drag you to them."
  • (I can't read you.) "Kriss blocks your pathetic telepathy." (That's about to change.)


  • "Your death will further my ascension." (Only the low need to rise.) "You're not worth another word."
  • (A rival?) "To add to my master's collection." (There is no honor in you.)


  • "Your death will further my ascension." (...)
  • (...) "Your evil will be cleansed."


  • "The Deceptive Tanya." (The Ghost Lady Ashrah.) "Your evil will be cleansed."
  • (Demon.) "Edenian." (Shall we.)


  • "Interesting." (...) 
  • (...) "My Kriss can purify even you."


  • "Earth manipulator." (The earth will swallow you.) "My blade says otherwise."
  • (My earth powers are formidable.) "My mystic powers are as well." (You have been warned.)


  • "..." (...)
  • (...) "..."

Bo' Rai Cho:

  • "..." (...) "..."
  • (...) "..." (...)


  • "..." (...) "..."
  • (...) "..." (...)


  • "..." (...)
  • (...) "..."


  • "Who are you?" (Ashrah, impersonator.) "Ascension will follow your death."
  • "Pitiful demon." (Pathetic creature.) "My power triumphs yours."
  • "You cannot escape." (The Brotherhood will avenge me.) They are next.
  • "You cannot escape." (I do not need to.) "You will wish you had."


  • "Kai, Oran sent me." (For what exactly?) "You'll know soon enough."
  • (Who are you?) "I am Ashrah, ascending demon-" (Demon? That's all need.)


  • "A fellow fatale." (Not a friendly one.) "That will change soon."
  • (You are weak without your blade.) "Not true." (Then drop it.)


  • "You are dead." (You know Quan Chi's power Ashrah.) "But why waste energy on a false God?"
  • (You are a traitor to your kind.) "And you are a false God." (You will die now.)


  • "..." (after completing a combo)
  • "..." (after winning a round)
  • "..." (after a Brutality or Quitality)
  • "..." (before a Faction Kill)

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