Gender Female
Origin Outworld
Resides Outworld
Species Outworlder
In Mortal Kombat
Affiliations Enchant Stalkers

Azar is an Outworld resident that was first introduced in Mortal Kombat X.

About AzarEdit

Captured and unwillingly force to become a slave to an unknown ruler, Azar was young and scared for her life. Until she was freed by mercenaries who were also under the rule of the unnamed ruler in Outworld. Still serving the ruler for many years, Azar and her gang waited for her to be of certain trained power to launch their attack.

Her followers deemed her as the Flame Sorceress, the Lady of Flames.


Azar is headed from Persian descent. She has pale skin, yellow eyes, and long white hair. She wears a burgundy and black ensemble.

  • Flame Core: Has glowing orange tattoos on her abdomen.
  • Demonize: Eyes are glowing red.
  • Stalker: Gains black nails, and retrial tattoos on her neck and face.

Combat characteristics Edit

Powers and Abilities Edit

Signature Moves Edit

  • Fire Blast
  • Fire Explosion
  • Flame Round
  • X-Ray Move - To be added..

Other Moves Edit

  • Throw: To be added..

Fatalities Edit

  • Gut Check: Azar whips out her whip can grabs her opponent and slams them on the opposite of her. Then she proceeds to jump on their chest, creating a hole. (MKX)
  • Brain Melt: Azar's hand become engulfed in flames as she reaches and places her hand on their skull. The fire is so intense that it melts them down towards their shoulders. (MKX)

Other Finishers Edit

  • Brutality #1 - Watch Me: To be added.. (MKX)
  • Brutality #2 - Lovely Slice: To be added..
  • Brutality #3 - Whipped Into Shape: To be added..
  • Brutality #4 - Aerial Awaking: To be added..
  • Brutality #5 - Tricked and Strapped: To be added..
  • Brutality #6 - Spiked Heel:


  • Azar's fire attacks

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