Blanche is the fan given name of the old lady transaction character in The Outworld Marketplace Stage Arena, who can now be used to perform one of two Brutalities.

How to use Blanche in a BrutalityEdit

In Round 2, throw the barrel near the White Tiger at your opponent, then hit him or her with the Rost Pig Head and once your opponent has at least one to five present of health left, throw Blanche at him/her, causing your opponent to pop like a human size zit and die. However, if you throw her and press the down button barely a second later, Blanche will jump on top of your opponent and punch him or her repeatedly in the face until his or her head explodes. She will then get right back up to adjust her hair with blood all over her face and clothes like it's nothing.

Possible DLC CharacterEdit

If her popularity grows big enough, she could become a possible DLC Character for the 2nd Kombat Pack, along with Freddy Kruger and two others. That would make Blanche almost exactly like the Martian ManHunter for The WatchTower Stage of Injustice God's Among Us Part One, another background character who later became a playable DLC Character. Except the Martian has super powers while Blanche is a Transaction Character. Her Alternate Costumes would be Blanche ( Young ) and Pamela Voorhees ( Jason's mother ).

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