Mortal Kombat XEdit


  • "Ariana..." (Edenia's liberation will come.) "Not before I get answers."
  • "Such power can't belong to a mortal." (I'm Half-Edenian, Half-Goddess) "I see."
  • (Hello Conán.) "A light manipulator, how strange." (Foolish to face the unknown.)
  • (What are you?) "I question your existence as well." (Let's answer some questions.)

Cassie Cage:

  • "Cage..." (Not today starboy.) "So it has come to this..."
  • "Cage..." (Losing to you isn't on my bucket list.) "I'll write it in your blood."
  • (On your way to a fashion show?) "You insult the Champion of the-" (Don't get your panties in a bunch.)
  • (Um, what century are we in?) "You and your father. No respect." (Blame him, not me.)


  • "D'Vorah..." (This one is offended by your presence.) "This one doesn't care."
  • "Kytinns disgust me." (You will die by one.) "Face your judgment."
  • (Do not interfere Conán.) "I am not here for you." (You are only here for death.)
  • (Conán.) "You will address me as Champion Kytinn" (This one does not understand your confidence.)
  • (Trespasser!) "Maggot." (This one's young will have great power.)


  • "Ye reek of Shao Kahn." (Our creator is part of us.) "I strip away his existence."
  • "I have no business with you." (The emperor's business is ours.) "If that's what ye wish."
  • (Conán...) "Great evil is within ye." (Come, take it from us!)
  • (We sensed your presence.) "I will finish you Ermac." (We will never accept defeat.)

Erron Black:

  • "Speak on your presence." (Why else would a mercenary pay you a visit?) "Let's get started."
  • "You assist the realms against yours?" (Earthrealm doesn't pay the bills.) "Chump change."
  • "Who attacked my clan?" (I'll never talk.) "Stop running."
  • (What do you want?) "I've seen ye before." (All us cowboys look alike.)
  • (Been itchin' to meet you.) "To bad it's not on good terms." (Pity...)


  • "Ye serve the Kahn blindly." (We no blind.) "Let's get started."
  • "I've seen much within these years." (You seen enough, we take eyes.) "Impossible."
  • (Hothead.) "Step aside minions." (We split you in half!)
  • (What hothead want?) "What happens if I separate ye two?" (Torr goes smash.)

Jacqui Briggs:

  • "Brave child." (Another easy victory for me.) "Be lucky I show mercy to allies."
  • "Daughter of Briggs, it's an honor." (I'd say the same thing.) "Show me all you know."
  • (I like your dress.) "You force my hand." (Better than mine for prom.)
  • (Who might you be?) "Conán, Champion of the Elder Gods." (Again, who are you?)

Jackson Briggs:

  • "Finally overcome your sickness?" (Took a struggle but I'm stronger cause.) "I disagree."
  • "Earthrealm needs you Briggs." (I'm retired Conán.) "You're not worthy of life then."
  • (Don't pick a fight you can't win.) "What happened to retirement Major?" (It was cut short.)
  • (Don't pick a fight you can't win.) "Another servant of Quan Chi I will defeat?" (Not this one.) *Revenant Skin Only*

Johnny Cage:

  • "Cage..." (That fire on your chest or are ya happy to see me?) "I'll be happier in a minute."
  • "I seek council with Earthrealm leaders." (I'm right here.) "I don't seek a shitty actor."
  • (Gotta say, I love kilt.) "You're not funny Cage." (Best I can do.)
  • (What's up Nán?) "I didn't expect you meet you Cage." (Well this ain't


  • "Kano..." (I'm just gonna take a little off the top.) "The spirits hunger of Black Dragon scum."
  • "You assist the realms against yours?" (I don't really have a realm bub.) "Face your judgment."
  • (Luck won't save you this time bud.) "Tell me what you know about my clan." (Come to papa.)
  • (Piss off.) "Death will come quickly Kano." (For who exactly?)


  • "A blind swordsman, how?" (Sento guides me.) "I guess I've seen it all."
  • "Sento gives you power..." (My power is mine alone.) "We'll see after I take it."
  • (Who do even align with?) "The ones who look down at you." (Good thing I can't see them.)
  • (Barbarian.) "Savagery secures the kill." (Makes sense. I guess I'll try it.) 


  • "Kitana..." (What is the meaning of this Conán?) "The Elder Gods have sent a message."
  • "You insist I be barbaric?" (Most barbaric in all the realms.) "I liked you better when you were half-naked."
  • "How's life as Quan Chi's servant?" (How's life as the Gods' delivery boy?) "Let's see." *Revenant Skin only*
  • "The lovely undead queen." (You will soon join us.) "By who's hand?" *Evil Empress Skin Only*
  • (You believe you pose a threat.) "No, since they sent you." (You're tongue will look better on the ground.)
  • (Have you no respect?) "Your realm was destroyed, you are no princess." (Sadly for you.)

Kotal Kahn:

  • "You abuse your power Koa'tal!" (You rather Mileena?) "Outworld will be free from tyrants."
  • "We have business to attend to." (It must wait Conán.) "It can not hold."
  • "You think you possess the sun?" (I am God over it.) "Let's see who it follows."
  • (You wish to threaten me?) "Outworld deserves a better ruler." (Then take it from my bare hands.)
  • (Have you discovered Mileena's location?) "Mileena is hidden very well." (Your assistance is useless.)

Kung Jin:

  • "A common thief, no skill." (My actual skill is kept a surprise.) "I'm guessing for this moment?"
  • "Another brave child." (I'm not child, old man.) "Very funny..."
  • (Need me Conán?) "Wish to test your strength?" (No, just warm up.)
  • (Unimportant Conán.) "You insult the Champion of the-" (Alright that's enough talk.)

Kung Lao:

  • "What a stupid looking hat." (I will best you Conán.) "I don't think so."
  • "Speak on your presence." (I seek an audience.) "You won't get one."
  • "The fallen Shaolin." (Quan Chi freed me from my Earthrealm bind.) "But trapped ye in another." *Revenant Skin only*
  • (I do not serve you.) "You will obey the Elders' ruling." (No I will not.)
  • (I will speak with the Elder Gods.) "On who's authority." (If I have to fight, I will.)

Liu Kang:

  • "You believe your life has importance?" (It surpasses yours.) "Who stands in the end will tell."
  • "You die..." (I am the true Champion.) "Your fate has been decided."
  • "The fallen Shaolin." (You approve Raiden's actions?) "Raiden is not to blame for your weakness." *Revenant Skin only*
  • "Where's ye brother?" (My brother is dead.) "Kitana will be next."
  • (You tempt me?) "You've crossed my path." (It's a one-way street.)
  • (You begrudge me my role as Champion.) "You're not worthy of my place." (We shall see.)


  • "Mileena..." (I wonder what Elder dog tastes like.) "Don't bite of more than you can chew."
  • "You will receive your judgment." (By who? The almighty Elder Gods?) "My hand alone."
  • (You are unable to carry yourself.) "I've had strength before my revival." (You still don't have enough.)
  • (You stand before me again?) "Give me the amulet wench." (Ask nicely.)

Quan Chi:

  • "Demon!" (Trying to save Earthrealm from it's fate?) "Your forces will suffer yours."
  • "You hold great warriors captive." (Soon you will join them.) "Was that a compliment?"
  • (I feel the great power you wield.) "You will know it's full potential soon." (Ah, a demonstration.)
  • (You...) "...will finally end your influence." (Watch your tongue as I speak.)


  • "Shockin' seein' you here." (Your inference will cause more havoc.) "Your visions mean nothing."
  • "You forget your place." (Do not challenge me Conán.) "Prepare to resign."
  • (You seek council Ormagam?) "I seek a challenge." (You have come to the right place.)
  • (You've been become corrupted by power.) "You're a fool." (I'll liberate you from your duties.) *Dark Raiden Skin only*
  • (Earthrealm seeks council.) "The Elder Gods won't interfere, I'll help." (Not everything must concern you.)
  • (What is the meaning of this?) "I wish to test your strength." (You only test my patience.)


  • "Cease Saurian." (I will tear your flesh.) "Prepare to join your failed species."
  • "Syzoth." (You will address me as Reptile.) "Prepare to join your failed species."
  • (Earthrealm enforcer.) "I'm ambassador of the realms." (The Kahn doesn't need you.)
  • (Vile human.) "Your race will perish with you." (I do not fear your power.)


  • "Your people were we weak Scorpion." (They will see you burn!) "Are ye eager to join them?"
  • "Scorpion..." (You won't me from rebuilding.) "You're clan will never stand against opposion."
  • (I will take your place Conán.) "The Elders desire intelligence." (Then I'll take your head.)
  • (Celtic hound.) "Shirai Ryu pig." (Enough!)


  • "Elder Gods protect me." (The Elder Gods power dwindles each day.) "You will see how false that is."
  • "You've returned..." (I will never go away.) "Then you will fall again."
  • (Foolish human dare to challenge me.) "I'm more than a human." (We shall see.)
  • (Care to join your son?) "He will join me after your death." (You won't live to see that.)
  • (Yet another mistakenly brave human.) "Are you not the fallen Elder God?" (You will know of my true power.)


  • "Sonya Blade..." (Finally willing to talk?) "No, only kill!"
  • "Name my son's killers." (That's confidential.) "You are not worthy of life then."
  • (Leave now.) "I claim this area General." (Not anymore.)
  • (You aren't authorized to be here.) "I need permission?" (I don't like your attitude.)


  • "Lin Kuei minion." (Elder God pet!) "You are a long way from pure!"
  • "Sub-Zero..." (I wish for this rivalry to end.) "Unlikely to happen."
  • "Sub-Zero..." (Cold is one's feeling before death.) "Then what will ye feel?"
  • (Conán...) "We meet again Kuai-Liang." (Only one will walk away this time.)
  • (I will freeze your heart.) "I have no heart." (Death is more honor than you deserve.)


  • "Takahashi Takeda, son of Kenshi." (You know me?) "Only what I need to know."
  • "You wish to see your future?" (Does it involve Jacqui?) "No since your end has arrived."
  • (You stand before greatness.) "Greatness? I see only a child." (I was mocking you.)
  • (Another training session?) "Prepare yourself young one." (How exciting.)


  • "Shokan Prince..." (Elder God enforcer.) "Seems we are evenly matched."
  • (Champion.) "I challenge you Prince Goro." (You face death like a warrior.)


  • "Speak on your presence." (...)
  • (...) "You're a fool."


  • "Why assist Mileena" (For a free Edenia.) "I admire you determination."
  • "Tanya..." (I will never reveal Mileena's location.) "I thought you a survivor?"
  • (Help us Conán.) "A free Edenia? More work." (Then die.)


  • "I have no business with you." (...)
  • (...) "Wish to test your strength?"


  • "Black Dragon..." (Do I sense hostility?) "No, death."
  • (Who are you?) "Your judgement." (I do not do court.)


  • "You die..." (...)
  • (...) "I promise a quick death."

Bo Rai Cho:

  • "Great master." (Remember this just training.) "You can handle it, Outworlder."
  • (Conán.) "You force my hand." (Outworld needs your help.)


  • "Mechanical." (You will suffer, barbarian.) "Your end has arrived."
  • (God's strength or not, you will fail.) "You're a fool, I am a champion." (Titles mean nothing to me.)


  • "Beithíoch. (Beast.)" (...)
  • (...) "Yield beast."


  • "Your services are no longer needed." (You betray me at my peek?) "You upset the balance."
  • (Nitara is dead.) "I am pleased, Ashrah." (Now, reward me.)


  • "Ready to learn Wanderer?" (What have you to teach me?) "The true meaning of life."
  • (A human God.) "I am much more than human." (Teach me everything.)


  • "Frost..." (Get outta my way Conán.) "You know I won't."
  • (Sub-Zero's not here.) "I'm not here for Sub-Zero." (Good, I needed some practice.)


  • "Impossible." (Quan Chi restored me.) "He will pay for this."
  • (The Elder God's puppet.) "Like ye to Havik?" (I'd watch my words of I were you.)


  • "Impossible..." (What evil is this?) "Die imposter!"
  • "Your evil taints this world." (My power will reveal you.) "The Elder Gods know the truth."
  • "What are you?" (I am your past, your weaknesses.) "I will release you."
  • "I see past all this." (I am only what you once were.) "And I will bring an end to you."


  • "Die by my hand." (random after combo, Throw or special)
  • "I will have your head." (random after combo, Throw or special)
  • "Judgement day." (random after combo, Throw or special)
  • "Ní mórán thú!" (You're worthless!) (random after combo, Throw or special)
  • "Fate calls." (after completing a Throw)
  • "Elderdog." (after completing a Throw on Shinnok)
  • "That's an authentic Irish knee." (after completing an Air Knee)
  • "Face your judgment." (after completing a combo)
  • "For Fearghus!" (after completing a combo)
  • "Pity." (after completing a combo)
  • "Double death." (after completing his Twin Celt Knees combo)
  • "Your death is necessary." (after completing his Raider combo)
  • "Speak or die!" (after completing a combo on Erron Black, Kano, or Sonya)
  • "Defrost snowbeast." (after completing a combo on Sub-Zero)
  • "Fear marbh." (Dead man.) (when activating Fusion)
  • "Worthless Kahn." (after completing his X-Ray on Kotal Kahn)
  • "You are no God." (after completing his X-Ray on Kotal Kahn)
  • "Powerless and weak." (after completing his X-Ray on Raiden)
  • "Admit defeat." (after winning a round)
  • "Foolish minion." (after winning a round)
  • "You are weak." (after winning a round)
  • "Only one thing keeping you alive." (after winning a round against Erron Black, Kano, or Sonya)
  • "Weak God." (after winning a round against Raiden)
  • "You will fall again Elderdog." (after winning a round against Shinnok)
  • "Cailleach." (Witch.) (after winning a round against a female character)
  • "You did not deserve life." (after winning a round against a revenant)
  • "May the worms eat you." (after a Brutality or Quitality)
  • "I rule the sun." (after a Brutality on Kotal Kahn)
  • "Cac ar oineach." (You shit on honor.) (after a secret Brutality)
  • "You weren't worthy." (before a Faction Kill)

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