360px-MK2011 Scorpion
Gender Male
In Mortal Kombat
Fighting Styles Hapkido, Pi Gua, Moi Fah Ninjutsu
You will suffer for your crimes!



Hanzo Hasashi (波佐志半藏), also known as the ninja specter, Scorpion (蠍), is a non-fanon character that debuted in the original Mortal Kombat. Like his blue counterpart, Sub-Zero, he is regarded by all as the poster-boy of the series, being the most recognizable of all the characters.

About Scorpion

Scorpion is a hell-bent warrior seeking revenge. He was formerly the son of a great Shirai Ryu general, and desired to join the ranks of the clan. However, his parents were against this endeavor. Despite their best attempts to persuade him, Hanzo Hasashi came to be one of the most skilled warriors in the clan, granting them honor in glorious kombat. Eventually, Hanzo married and had a child. There came a time when he was contacted by the sorcerer, Quan Chi, who tasked him with retrieving the sacred Map of the Elements. Unbeknownst to Hanzo, however, the Lin Kuei warrior, Sub-Zero, was also contracted to retrieve the scroll. Hanzo Hasashi had failed in his attempts to retrieve the map and was ultimately killed by Sub-Zero. His soul laid waste in the Netherrealm while the sorcerer, Quan Chi, was occupied with murdering his family and clan, exterminating them to earn the Lin Kuei's favor.

Hanzo Hasashi was resurrected by Quan Chi and thus, Scorpion was born. Quan Chi has deceived the ninja specter into believing that in addition to his own death, Sub-Zero had also murdered his clan and family. Enraged, Scorpion sought out Sub-Zero, and encountered him in the Netherrealm. Scorpion was defeated, however, but the wraith could not be killed.


Scorpion is a tormented and broken soul, making him at most times silent and ominous. He rarely speaks and when he does, it is mostly regarding his former life and strong desire for vengeance. His only motive is revenge, which limits his sense of morality and remorse. This renders him as an impatient, vengeful, and somewhat unintelligent rogue who is neither good nor evil.