After refusing to kill a girl with religious markings, neighbors had reported screaming and alerted police. Frank Williams and his partner entered the run down home and encountered the girl before the bulking murder attacked. He killed Williams' partner and knocked off the officer's arm with an ax before being forced to retreat by a bullet to the head.

Years past and Jacob and his mother moved base to the broken down Blackwell Hotel where they once again started their operation of cleansing the world of sin. Seeing Frank's name in the newspaper, she arranged a small band of delinquents, headed by Williams and another officer, to fix up the hotel in return for a month off of their sentence. As the clean up began, so did the slaughter as the deadly psychopath began to watch his victims. He kidnapped Kira Vanning, but refused to kill her for the religious tattoos on her body. Trapping her in a cage, he left to continue his carnage, killing Williams and several

other members of the group until just three were left.
Jacob Goodnight