In Mortal Kombat

Jasper Fatal is a fanon character that debuted in Mortal Kombat: Dark Vengeance. She is voiced by Kari Wahlgren.





Special MovesEdit



  • Flaming Sword: Jasper uses her pyrokinesis to set her sword on fire and impales the opponent's heart, setting it on fire, letting out a blood-curdling scream and collapses.
  • Eyes on Fire: Jasper sets the opponent's eyes on fire, gouging them out, letting out of a scream in pain and agony. After that, Jasper uses her sword and stabs them in the face and kicks them, setting the corpse on fire, making them scream in agony, again.


  • Coupe de Grace:
  • Suffer Destiny:
  • Inferno:
  • Blazing It:
  • Killing the Flames:
  • Fireball:


  • She will sound like Kagami from Lucky Star but in English dub.

Additional DetailsEdit


  • When she speaks first, she walks in and puts fire on her hand. (the opponent says their line); then she says her line as she gets in her stance, putting a sword on her hand.
  • When she speaks second, she walks in, having fire in her hands; (the opponent says their line); she sets her sword to the flames, putting fire on her edge of the sword. (then the opponent says their second line).


  • When she wins a round, she'll walk back while brushing herself off, most likely saying:
    • "Firing up!"
    • "Armed and dangerous!"
    • Action: Uses fire in her hand.
  • When she wins the match, she unmasks her orange mouth mask and wields up her sword, walking away.


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