Cassie Cage:

  • "Cassie." (Kareem.) "Last time you call me that."
  • (How old are you?) "Pushing 50." (Black really don't crack.) 


  • "Shao Kahn really conquered any realm." (The Kytinn offered allegiance for survival.) "Allegiance with bugs?"
  • (Which Shaolin are you?) "I am no longer a Shaolin." (This one is unimpressed.)


  • "The prison of souls." (We wield the might of thousands.) "Stingy much?"
  • (Kai.) "Shang Tsung?" (We are Ermac!)

Erron Black:

  • "Bounty Hunter." (Wrong place, wrong time.) "You damn right."
  • (State your business.) "I've met you before." (That's enough talk.)


  • "A symbiote, remarkable." (Torr no marketable, no sale!) "Interesting..."
  • (Short stick!) "Whatchu talking 'bout Ferra?" (Chomp chomp, yum yum.)


  • "Nice hairstyle Jacqs." (Guess I learned from the best.) "I guess you did."
  • (What's your regimen?) "Daily exercise, limit carbs−" (Damn, I'm jealous.)


  • "Time to warm them gears." (Two rounds, then I'm out.) "Two rounds is all I need."
  • (You should've never left.) "Everything happens for a reason." (You got that right.)

Johnny Cage:

  • "Long time no see Cage." (You almost killed me, on my birthday!) "I'll try not to kill you this time."
  • (Looking good Kareem.) "You testing me?" (I'm just getting started.)


  • "The mercenary." (You the one who killed Jarek?) "He was an obstacle, like you."
  • (The Black Dragon could use a chap like you.) "Organized crime? I'll pass." (Well, I tried.)


  • "Princess." (Peasant.) "Last time you call me that."
  • (You were in one of my visions.) "And...?" (You were assisting my enemy.)


  • "I'm ready." (The way of the blade isn't learned over night.) "It is when you're me."
  • (Kai.) "Teach me to master my senses." (You must first survive.)

Kotal Kahn:

  • "Shao Kahn?" (I am not that tyrant fool.) "You are more alike than you know."
  • (Earthrealmer.) "You block my path." (Your path is death.)

Kung Jin:

  • "Young Shaolin." (Old Shaolin.) "Ain't no school like the old school."
  • (You're getting old Kai.) "Warriors don't age." (Alzheimer's already kicking in.)

Kung Lao:

  • "Kung Lao." (Kai.) "Shall we begin."
  • "…" (…) "…" (Revenant Skin only)
  • (Kai.) "What have you to teach me?" (You underestimate my skill.)

Liu Kang:

  • "Master." (Ready for your final challenge?) "Been ready."
  • "…" (…) "…"
  • "I can free you Liu Kang." (I am free, from Earthrealm.) "You'll then me later." (Revenant Skin only)
  • (You've shown great progress.) "Good enough for the Shaolin?" (Can you defeat one is the question.)
  • (…) "…" (…)


  • "How are you Edenian?" (I am of Outworld.) "I don't think they'd claim you anyway."
  • (The male cheerleader.) "Welp, time to bash your skull." (Touchy, aren't we?)


  • "A human God." (I am much more than human.) "Teach me everything."
  • (Ready to learn Wanderer?) "What have you to teach me?" (The true meaning of life.)

Quan Chi:

  • "Shaolin oath never to kill." (Lucky me.) "But you'll be an exception."
  • "You stand in my path." (Will you move me?) "Another body to drag."
  • (Where are your friends?) "You murdered them." (You will join them in death.)
  • (Tell me of your power.) "My adaptive muscle memory?" (Ah, you'd make a perfect minion.)


  • "Lord Raiden." (Now it's time to face a God.) "Then I'll become one."
  • "Lord Raiden." (Evil approaches Kai.) "Then I guess we must train."
  • "…" (…) "…" (Dark Raiden Skin only)
  • (Why did you leave the White Lotus?) "It is the nomadic way." (Then this will be our last session.)
  • (Kai.) "Lord Raiden." (Let us test your capabilities.)


  • "Reptile." (You are a slow human.) "I'm faster than any reptile."
  • (Nimble one.) "Stinky one." (You mock me at your peril.)


  • "I'm ready." (To die?) "Come on then."
  • (Nomad.) "Much to learn from you." (You will learn nothing.)


  • "I heard a story of you." (The one where I took Netherrealm's throne?) "The one where you got your ass kicked."
  • (The Nomad.) "You block my path." (I am the path.)


  • "General Blade." (You're not suppose to be here.) "But I am."
  • (You abandoned us.) "I could not fight then." (And now?)


  • "I've come to learn." (Demonstrate your worth.) "You won't be disappointed."
  • (Are you of the Shaolin?) "I am a Nomad." (Impress me.)


  • "Son of Kenshi." (You know me?) "Our paths have crossed before."
  • (I remember you.) "And I, you." (Let's get better acquainted.)


  • "Shokan aren't frequent around here." (I'm here to face you.) "What?! Why?!"
  • (Stand to your feet.) "I made odds even." (None will mourn your passing.)


  • "You stand in my path." (...)
  • (...) "Intriguing."


  • "I've heard about you Edenians." (That we can kill any Earthrealmer?) "No, that you're all easy."
  • (Earthrealmer.) "Edenian." (You are foolish to stand in my way.)


  • "You stand in my path." (...) 
  • (...) "What weapons you bolster."


  • "Tremor." (You will learn in death Nomad.) "I'm between a rock and a hard place."
  • (Kai.) "What have you to teach me?" (The earth has many properties.)


  • "So little stability..." (...)
  • (...) "Nothing to learn from you."

Bo Rai Cho:

  • "Great master." (You challenge me Kai?) "It's time to train you."
  • (Kai, my greatest pupil.) "My proficiency is unmatched?" (Now it's time for the finale.)


  • "I'm ready." (That doesn't quite matter.) "That metal will make some fine armor."
  • (Kai.) "What weapons you bolster." (The better to kill you with.)


  • "You don't belong here." (...)
  • (...) "I don't speak your language."


  • "Who are you?" (I am Ashrah, ascending demon-) "Demon? That's all need."
  • (Kai, Oran sent me.) "For what exactly?" (You'll know soon enough.)


  • "..." (...) "..."
  • (...) "..." (...)


  • "..." (...) "..."
  • (...) "..." (...)


  • "I must be tired." (We've traversed long enough.) "Time to take a load off."
  • "Just another illusion." (Like our mirage in Egypt?) "No, like when we tried that-yeah."


  • "..." (after completing a combo)
  • "Not today." (after winning a round)
  • "You taught well." (after a Brutality or Quitality)
  • "Time for your first lesson." (before a Faction Kill)

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