LEGO Mortal Kombat is a beat 'em up videogame from 2016.

LEGO Mortal Kombat
Developer(s) Netherrealm Studios & TT Games
Publisher(s) WB Games
Release date(s) 5/10/2016
Genre(s) Fighting, Beat 'em up
Mode(s) Story, FreePlay, Test your Might, Races, Fighting
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Platform(s) Xbox 360,Xbox One, PS4, PS3, PSVITA, WiiU, Android, iOS
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Characters Edit

Scorpion Johnny Cage Jax Kung Lao Solider
Sub-Zero Sonya Jacqui Kung Jin Oni
Raiden Cassie Cage Liu Kang Li Mei Shirai Ryu
Lin Kuei Elenra Torr Ferra D'Vorah
Kitana Shao Khan Shinnok Quan Chi Liu Kang
Jade Kano Kenshi Takeda Takashi Skarlet
Goro Shang Tsung Sektor Cyrax Ed Boon
Hsu Hao Mileena Kotal Kahn Jinsei Spirit (Ra'ava) Nightwolf

Areas Edit

The City Jinsei Cave Outworld Marketplace Elder Gods Temple
Jinsei Chamber Dead Woods Kahn's Kolosseum Refugee Camp
Netherrealm Studios Crossroads Black Dragon HQ Lin Kuei Temple

Skins Edit

Scorpion (Classic - MK9) MKX Injustice: Gods Among Us Revenant Hanzo Hasashi Unmasked MKI (DLC) Unchained (DLC) Gold Steel (DLC)
Sub-Zero (Classic - MK9) MKX Kuai Liang Revenant Cyber Zero MKI (DLC) Unchained (DLC) Blue Steel (DLC)
Raiden (Classic - MK9) MKX Dying Raiden Futuristic Evil Raiden
Kitana (Classic - MK9) MKX Unmasked Revenant Dark Empress MKII (DLC)
Jade (Classic - MK9) Unmasked MKII (DLC)

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