The Mandarsantia are a race of wasp-like humanoids that came to be when stray magic released by Shao Khan's death imbued a hive of Asian Giant Hornets somewhere in his fortress with dark magics. The resulting monsters received human-like intelligence, truly massive wingspans, and night vision. Members of this species are roughly six feet tall, four arms with claws for fingers, lack abdomens characteristic of wasps and bees, and communicate with a verbal language never heard before. They have the heads of hornets, and send signals to each other by waving their antennae. Though they can learn to speak English, they prefer not to mingle with societies other than their own. They have four stingers embedded in their hands, and they use the flesh-melting venom that comes from them for combat and defense. Despite their ability to use dark magic, they fear their own power and despise those who use dark magic, such as Quan Chi and Shinnok. Their queens retain their wasp-like forms, but they are truly massive, reaching up to 80 feet long. The queens have vestigial wings, which are rumored to vanish completely within two million years of evolution.

Notable Individuals Edit

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