Mileena Render PNG 3
Gender Female
Status Alive
Origin Shang Tsung's Flesh Pits/Outworld
Resides Outworld
Species Genetic Experiment
(Tarkatan & Edenian descent)
In Mortal Kombat
Allies Samuel Nakaoka the Second (after MKX)
Enemies Raiden (Formerly)
Jade (Formerly)
Kitana (Formerly)
Samuel Nakaoka the Second (before MKX)
Weapons Sai
Alignment Good
Formerly Evil

About MileenaEdit



PR: Mortal KombatEdit

PR: Mortal Kombat XEdit

PR Mortal Kombat X: Ultima PrequelEdit

Due to D'Vorah's actions and killed her, Samuel Nakaoka the Second save her soul and replaced by her similar body.

PR: Mortal Kombat UltimaEdit

Mileena after mk x by yankiey-d8wzkd9

Mileena goodbye to Samuel Nakaoka the Second before she depart to another World.

Combat characteristicsEdit

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Signature movesEdit

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