Synopsis Edit

The year is 1392, The story of this game starts at the time of the Great Kung Lao, about 600 years before Mortal Kombat, Raiden calls Warriors a time before the first game and see him interact with a group of former heroes, Shang Tsung is organizing the tournament request for Shao Kahn to is another step to conquer Earth, but Kung Lao will not be alone in this, he will rely on other allies to stop the plans of Shang Tsung and Goro. The hosts of the tournament.

Narrated by Raiden Edit

It is 1392, a time when darkness dominates the Earthrealm, intrigues, wars and religious conflicts punish the world, but the worst of all threats is the plan of invasion and domination of Earthrealm by the forces of Outworld led by the tyrant emperor Shao Kahn, to frustrate their plans, the elder gods created the Mortal Kombat tournament as a way to balance things and give Earthrealm a chance to defend against enemies, Outwold prepares his warriors and I prepare mine, a young Chinese man named Kung Lao Is my chosen, but more heroes entered the fight, guided by me without noticing, Outwold already has 8 victories in a row, but I will not let that happen and the tournament host and one of my biggest enemies Shang Tsung will be the source of everything This is because he is a traitor warrior from Earthrealm who has been cursed with magic and now serves the forces of Outworld, now he will pay for his betrayal of the world I protect in a Mortal Kombat.

Chapters Edit

Chapter 1 - Bo Rai Cho

Opponents: Baraka, Reptiler, Reiko and Rain

Chapter 2 - Mark

Opponents: Samir, Solon, Lair and Victor

Chapter 3 - Margot

Opponents: Kitana, Tanya, Sheeva and Jade.

Chapter 4 - Hatorri

Opponents: Solon, Raraka, Rain and Takai

Chapter 5 - Tshui

Opponents: Reptiler, Reiko, Victor and Samir

Chapter 6 - Yan

Opponents: Takai, Solon, Samir and Baraka

Chapter 7 - Fujin

Opponents: Herry, Margot, Kung Lao and Yan

Chapter 8 - Sub-Zero

Opponents: Yanm, Xanadu, Mark and Hattori

Chapter 9 - Katerine

Opponents: Kitana, Tanya, Jade and Lair

Chapter 10 - Xanadu

Opponents: Kia, Jataaka, Sareena and Sheeva

Chapter 11 - Herry

Opponents: Solon, Samir, Victor and Reiko

Chapter 12 - Raiden

Opponents: Kia, Jataaka, Sareena and Sheeva

Chapter 13 - Kung Lao(Final Chapter)

Opponents: Takai, Reiko, Lair and Shang Tsung.

Note: Kia, Jataaka and Sareena are the only non-playable characters to be only opponents in story mode, as Baraka, Rain and Sindel were in Mortal Kombat X.

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