Mortal Kombat: Reloaded is a game that features the favorite and unfavored fighters from Mortal Kombat 10, Mortal Kombat 9, Mortal Kombat: Anarchy plus features 5 new fighters


  • Introduction

"We all have flaws. We all have a fighting temptation. We all have fought. We are the all-stars"

- "These are the words of Kitana"

Returning FeaturesEdit

  • Kreate A Fighter
  • Arcade

New FeaturesEdit

  • Story Mode
  • Challenge Tower
  • New Fighters
  • Endurance

New FightersEdit

  • "Duncan"
  • "Izzy"
  • "Courtney"
  • "Setsuka"
  • "Jinx"

Returning FightersEdit

  • "Skarlet"
  • "Rain"
  • "Darrius"
  • "Hotaru"
  • "Sareena"
  • "Kitana"
  • "Ermac"
  • "Scorpion"
  • "Jade"
  • "Mileena"
  • "Noob"
  • "Tanya"
  • "Havik"
  • "Ashrah"
  • "Dairou"
  • "Kira"
  • "Kobra"
  • "Sonya"
  • "Frost"
  • "Mirakirahhashi"
  • "Li Mei"
  • "Sub-Zero"
  • "Flesh"
  • "Kahil"
  • "Nitara"
  • "Tremor"
  • "Khameleon"
  • "Reptile"
  • "Kano"
  • "Goro"
  • "Sindel"
  • "Shang Tsung"
  • "Liu Kang"
  • "Raiden"
  • "Shao Kahn"


  • Duncan, Izzy, Courtney, Setsuka, and Jinx can be unlocked by beating Challenge Tower.
  • Alternate Costumes can be unlocked by completing certain missions in Challenge Tower.
  • Goro can be unlocked by beating round 3 in endurance.
  • Sindel and Shao Kahn can be unlocked by beating round 6 in endurance.
  • Raiden can be unlocked by beating round 15 in endurance.
  • Liu Kang can be unlocked by besting round 20 in endurance.
  • Skarlet can be unlocked by beating her random challenge in arcade.
  • Rain can be unlocked by beating his random challenge in arcade.


  • Sindel is unlocked by defeating Mileena in endurance
  • In endurance every fighter in this game make up a round
  • In endurance every round gets harder after completing one
  • Duncan, Izzy, and Courtney are originally from the Total Drama series are playable.
  • This is the first Mortal Kombat all-stars game.

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