The story mode of Mortal Kombat: Tyrants Above contains 13 chapters total that focus on the events following Mortal Kombat X. Each chapter focuses on a single character from the series, and contains a combination of fights, extended cut-scenes, and a bunch of quick-time events.

Below is a list that shows the chapters in order:

  1. Tasia
  2. Raiden
  3. Obsidian
  4. Oran
  5. Tanya
  6. Vaatu
  7. Kung Jin
  8. Sub Zero
  9. Takeda
  10. Jacqui
  11. Taven
  12. Cassie
  13. Scorpion


Chapter 1: TasiaEdit

The game starts off in Dystopia Earthrealm with Tasia on a rooftop, watching the skies, waiting. She is on the radio with Tremor and they get frustrated due to their target not being in the sky on time. The target, Obsidian's patrol ship, suddenly appears and Tasia teleports in it. Disabling the engine causes soldiers to attack her but she quickly teleports off the ship to the Destroyed City. Obsidian follows her and battles her but loses. Kung Jin and Takeda watch the battle from the rooftops and before she can finish Obsidian, they intervene. Kung Jin fights first and tags Takeda in when he loses. Takeda loses as well and Tanya walks forward and begins to converse with Tasia saying they have similar interests. Tasia refuses to buy into her lies and they fight. Tasia wins and escapes.

Chapter 2: RaidenEdit

After Tasia's escape from her foes, we travel back to the past to show how it all happened. Hearing of a another possible invasion from the Netherrealm, Raiden acts quickly and (as he promised from the end credits of MKX) forcefully. He battles through Kung Lao as soon as he get to the Krossroads while Roark and Fujin follow suit defeating Stryker, Nightwolf and many oni. The three barge into the Netherrealm Throne room to face Sindel, Smoke, Kitana and Liu Kang and Raiden faces Kitana first. As Liu Kang defeats his allies, after Roark kills Smoke and Sindel, he then faces Raiden. Liu Kang intimately loses and surrenders the throne to Raiden, ending their conflict through submission.

Chapter 3: ObsidianEdit

More to be added.

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