Mortal Kombat Chaos Is A Game That Is Created By Midway and Netherrealm Studio In Summer 2013 , It Is Playable On Playstation 3 , Xbox 360 and Wii U


The Gameplay Like Mortal Kombat But More Graphics and Also It Contain All Modes From Mortal Kombat and It Contain New Modes , They Are : Free For All , Test Your Experience (You Do The Moves That In The Square) , 3 on 3 , 2 on 3 Handicap , 1 on 3 Handicap , There Is Also Kreate a Fighter , Kreate A Finisher (Fatality - Animality - Babality - X Ray) , Kreate A Fighting Style (Every Fighter 3 Fighting Styles and One Weapon Style)


Returning CharactersEdit

  1. Ashrah
  2. Bo Rai Cho
  3. Blaze
  4. Baraka
  5. Cyrax
  6. Ermac
  7. Goro
  8. Jade
  9. Jax
    Mortal KOmbat Chaos Select Screen 2P
  10. Johnny Cage
  11. Kabal
  12. Kano
  13. Kenshi
  14. Kintaro
  15. Kitana
  16. Kung Lao
  17. Liu Kang
  18. Mileena
  19. Motaro
  20. Nightwolf
  21. Noob Saibot
  22. Onaga
  23. Quan Chi
  24. Raiden
  25. Rain
  26. Reptile
  27. Scorpion
  28. Sektor
  29. Shang Tsung
  30. Shao Kahn
  31. Sheeva
  32. Shinnok
  33. Shujinko
  34. Skarlet
  35. Sindel
  36. Smoke
  37. Sonya Blade
  38. Stryker
  39. Sub Zero
  40. Tanya
  41. Taven
  42. Zombie Liu Kang

New CharactersEdit

  1. Acid :- He Is A Lin Kuei That Was Attacked By Reptile , Reptile's Venom Gave Him The Force Of Acid Instead Of Being Killed , He Was Trafsromed Into Green Robot Like Cyrax and Sektor.
  2. Drake :- He Is The Dragon King Who Want To Konquer All The Realms and He Is The Main Villian In The Game
  3. Jake :- He Is The Friend Of Light And He Is From The Same Clan , He Was Killled By Noob Saibot
  4. Kyle :- He Is The Twin Brother Of Kano , When He Was Fighting Johnny Cage , Johnny Cage Attacked Him In His Eye Leading Him To Become Like His Brother , His Enemy is Johnny Cage
  5. Light :- He Is A Ninga From The Light Clan That Use Light In Their Hits , He Is The Enemy Of Noob Because Noob Killed His Friend , Jake
  6. Mark :- He Is The Champion Of The Elder God and He Is A Shaolin Who Was Trained By Bo Rai Cho Himself and He Won The 11th Tournament.

Konquest ModeEdit

Mortal Kombat Chaos Konquest

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