From left to right- Scorpion, Cassie Cage, Takeda, Ermac, Jaclyn Briggs and Sub Zero

The Story: Edit

When the Ninja Steel Rangers enter the latest Mortal Kombat tournament, they loose and are killed by six Ninjas, claiming the Rangers powers and gear as their own. After winning the tournament for Earth Realm, they continued to protect that realm from the forces of evil, even from the upcoming Mortal Kombat tournament.

Mortal Kombat Ninja Steel Rangers Edit

  1. Ermac: Red Ranger with Red Robo Zord
  2. Subzero: Blue Ranger with Blue Dragon Zord
  3. Scorpion: Yellow Ranger with Yellow Nitro Zord
  4. Jacklin Briggs: White Ranger with White Kodiak Zord
  5. Cassie Cage: Pink Ranger with Pink Zoom Zord
  6. Takeda: Gold Ranger with Bull Zord and Bull Rider Zord

Arsenal Edit

  • Ninja Steel Sabers (Main Five)
  • Ninja Star Morphers
  • Ninja Frog Blasters
  • Gitar Sword Blaster (Gold Ranger only)
  • Ninja Star Cycles
  • Ninja Power Stars
  • Ninja Coms
  • Ninja Master Mode
  • Super Ninja Master Mode
  • Battlizer Morpher (Red Ranger, but he shares it with the other Rangers)
  • Ghost Power's (Ermac)
  • Rope Dart and Fire Elemental power's (Scorpion)
  • Ice Elemental power's (Subzero)
  • Cyborg Gauntlets (Jacklin Briggs)
  • Pistols (Cassie Cage)
  • Spike Whip (Takeda)
  • Battlizer Armor
  • X-ray/Infer Red/Infer Blue/Night Vision/Banokulor Goggles
  • Nexus Prizum
  • Ninja Master Blade

Megazords and Ultrazord Edit

  1. Ninja Steel Megazord and Dragon Formation
  2. Bull Rider Megazord
  3. Bull Rider Ninja Steel Megazord
  4. Lion Fire Fourtress Zord/Megazord
  5. Ninja Steel Ultrazord (All three Megazords combined)

Notes and Trivia Edit

  • These five Mortal Kombat X Ninjas would later become Alternate Costumes for all six Ninja Steel Rangers in the 2018 video game Saban's Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel.
  • All six Ninja Steel Rangers become Alternate Costumes for these Mortal Kombat X Ninjas in the game Mortal Kombat X 5XL.
  • This is the first ever PlayStation Five exclusive Mortal Kombat game.
  • Before Saban's Power Rangers Ninja Steel VS Mortal Kombat X (this game) was named, it was originally going to be called Power Rangers X Mortal Kombat.
  • Kong Jin is the only character on their team who's not a Power Ranger and doesn't have a Ninja costume.
  • Their mentors are Raiden and Cassie's parents, Johnny and Sony Blade Cage.

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