Mortal Kombat X: Worlds Unraveled is the new second story DLC added to Mortal Kombat X on November 16th 2016. The new story is part of the "Untold Lore" DLC, featuring new characters, stages, and skins. The new story includes 16 chapters.

Plot Edit

After Shinnock's defeat, it is time to deal with the dead. Among those killed was Quan Chi. Only a day after his death, the Netherrealm is bombarded by warriors from all realms, seeking to take whatever magical items they can from the Sorcerer's lair. The demons that inhabit the dark realm however managed to successfully fend off many warriors. Despite this, a few warriors still made it to the fortress. These warriors consisted of all main characters from the original Mortal Kombat X story (with the inclusion of Tremor, Kira and Yoru and the exclusion of Mileena, Baraka, Quan Chi [due to their deaths] and Raiden, whose absence is unexplained). The revenant Earthrealm warrior's desperately try to fend off the warriors, but it appears they are quickly losing control over the fortress.

Chaper 1 - Johnny Cage Edit

The chapter focuses on Johnny Cage, who is fighting Revenant Smoke. He gets distracted by Sonya, who is losing her fight against Kano. Sub-Zero saves him from Smoke, and the two proceed to fight. Johnny then attempts to help Sub-Zero, but is stopped by Reptile. Johnny insults Reptile, calling him "freak show". Reptile furiously responds saying he's been waiting for 25 years to fight Johnny Cage for embarrassing him in the first tournament (implying that they have not seen each other since then). Johnny laughs at the memory, and says he still doesn't stand a chance. Johnny then defeats Reptile and attempts to help Sonya fight Kano, but is confronted by Revenant Lui Kang. Johnny questions Lui Kang, asking him what happened to him being the Champion of Earthrealm. Lui Kang responds saying that the title of King of the Netherrealm suits him better. Johnny defeats Lui Kang, remarking his new title "sucks". Johnny then runs to Sonya, who is about to executed by a victorious Kano. Johnny stops Kano, angrily stating that if he wants to hurt her, he has to go through him. Kano laughs and says that it will be easy. They then engage in Mortal Kombat, with Johnny emerging the victor. As Johnny helps Sonya up, she points at a stone arch, which D'vorah (who has been absent the entire battle) is tinkering with. Johnny gets up and calls to D'vorah, telling her he has a bone to pick with her. However, before they can engage in Kombat, a portal suddenly appears in the stone arch. A smiling D'vorah quickly runs into it. Johnny attempts to run after her, but is stopped by a blinding flash from the portal, transporting them all to another world. Johnny awakens inside Quan Chi's fortress, his vision is very blurry and he hears voices, but they are mumbled. Once he regains his energy, he looks up to see Quan Chi, a heavily armored Revenant Scorpion, and a Revenant version of himself looking down upon him. Startled, he gets up and prepares to fight all three of them. Dark Scorpion begins to approach him, but the alternate world Quan Chi stops him, and asks the Alternate Revenant Johnny Cage to fight Johnny instead. Alternate Johnny gladly accepts the task and the two Cages engage in Kombat. Johnny defeats Alternate Johnny, to Quan Chi's disappointment. He reluctantly tells Dark Scorpion to subdue Johnny. Johnny laughs and says "Bring it on" right before Dark Scorpion knocks him out with a single uppercut. Quan Chi smiles over the unconscious body of Johnny, proclaiming that everything is going just as planned.

Chapter 2 - Jax Edit

The game cuts to Jax, who is now wondering the Dead Woods. Jax begins to ponder how he got there out loud, attracting the attention of the Alternate Erron Black in his Outcast outfit. Erron Black attempts to ambush him but fails. Erron Black then proudly says that he has finally tracked down Jax, and will get his revenge. A confused Jax tells the Mercenary that they have never met. Erron Black tells Jax he will not fool him so easily, and the two then fight. Jax defeats Erron Black, and as he looks over the unconscious mercenary, he hears a loud roar from within the Woods (later revealed to be Goro). Jax runs from the roar, and escapes the woods. He then finds himself at the Lin Kuei Temple, where he is confronted by Alternate Sub-Zero. Jax is relieved to see the cryomancer, but is unexpectedly attacked. Sub-Zero tells Jax that he cannot seek shelter at the Lin Kuei Temple, and that he is going to turn him over to Special Forces. Jax, even more confused now, asks Sub-Zero (addressing him as Kuai Liang) what he is talking about. Infuriated, Sub-Zero reveals himself to be Bi-Han, and that Kuai Liang is dead and is offended at Jax's mention of him, saying he has no right to speak of him. Bi-Han then attacks Jax, but is defeated by him. The Lin Kuei swarm Jax, as Bi-Han gets back up on his feet, but are warded off by an unknown clan, brandishing heavy weaponry and wearing silver attire. Led by them is Kenshi and Takeda, who are also wearing silver attire. As Jax watches the blind swordsmen makes his way through Lin Kuei members to presumably help Jax, he is attacked by Takeda, who kicks him to the ground. Jax gets back up as Takeda asks him to surrender to the Black Dragon. Jax becomes even more confused at this statement, but chooses to ignore it, telling Takeda he'll never surrender. Jax then defeats Takeda in kombat, and is immediately confronted by Kenshi. Kenshi also tells Jax to surrender, as he does not want to harm him. Jax, who has become agitated due to his confusion, angrily tells him he's not going anywhere till he gets answers. The two then proceed to fight, in which a tired Jax emerges victorious. The Lin Kuei retreat into their temple, and Takeda and their clansmen (presumed to be the Black Dragon) start to march over to Jax and the defeated Kenshi. Jax runs behind the side of the temple and falls into a portal. Kenshi, Takeda and the Black Dragon run around the corner to find him gone and they all leave the Temple.

Chapter 3 - Kano [Alternate] Edit

Jax falls through the other side of the Portal, and gets up from the ground to see Sonya, Kenshi Cassie, Jacqui, Takeda, and Kung Jin standing over him. Jax asks what's going on, and Sonya tells him they've all been brought to another version of their world in which the events of Mk9 were slightly changed, but caused a dramatic change in the future. Jax asks what's changed, and Sonya explains that after Kung Lao defeated Quan Chi and Shang Tsung during the tournament, Lui Kang stopped Shao Kahn from murdering Kung Lao and (like in the original world) punched a fatal hole through Shao Kahn's chest. Quan Chi healed him, but this time, he secretly put a spell on him that would cause the wounds to return within time. Because of this, he was too weak to transfer Shang Tsung and his souls into Sindel, and Sindel was too weak to defeat any of the Earthrealm warriors and was supposedly killed by Kitana. Later Shao Kahn was too weak to merge the realms and his wounds reformed, along with the hole in his chest and he died on his very own throne in front of Quan Chi. Because of this, no Earthrealm warriors were killed and Shang Tsung lived. Jax asks how this changed anything negatively, and Sonya just shurgs and says "It just did". Jax asks how they all got here together, and Sonya tells him that someone from this world located them all and teleported them here one by one and explained the situation. As Jax asks who this person is, he sees Kano (from the Alternate World) walk through a doorway. Jax runs at him and attempts to detain him, but is defeated by Kano and slammed to the ground. Sonya tells Kano to let him go, which he reluctantly does. Jax is very confused and Kano explains that in this world he originally worked for S.F. and that Sonya fired him after a mission he led went horribly wrong, resulting in the deaths of all agents on the mission. Kano then formed the Black Dragon in spite. After the events of Mk9, Kabal rejoined the Black Dragon, and trained Kobra and Kira. Years later, Kenshi and Takeda approached Kano, seeking to form an alliance to defeat their common foe, the Red Dragon. After months of planning, all of the Black Dragon attacked the Red Dragon's main base. Tremor and Kano killed Mavado, Hsu Hao was killed by Jarek, and Kenshi and Takeda killed Daegon. The battle was a slaughter, resulting in the obliteration of the Red Dragon and leaving only a handful of Black Dragon. As the Black Dragon made their way back to their base, they were ambushed by the S.F. Kenshi revealed that he had told Sonya their location, and that they all had two choices. Join the new Black Dragon, which would be run by Kenshi and Takeda, or be killed. All of the Black Dragon joined Kenshi, with the exception of Kano, Kabal, Kobra, Kira, Tremor, Jarek, and Tasia. The seven warriors then faced off against Sonya and the S.F. The smaller battle resulted in Kira and Tasia's deaths and Kano getting injured. Kano and Jarek then escaped together, while Kobra, Kabal, and Tremor were left behind. Kano figures that the three were captured and executed as he has not seen any of them since. Jax asks why he should feel sympathy for Kano, to which Kano angirly says "I was fired from the S.F. for one screwup and then put on the #1 hitlist for starting my own organization of mercenaries. Jax says that Kano's organization specialized in Black Market, which is illegal. Kano tells him that that wasn't true, and that they were mercenaries who killed those who committed crime. While Sonya seems convinced, Jax announces his distrust towards Kano. Kano then tells him "Maybe I should talk about what you've done in this 'world'". A flashback then occurs, being narrated by Kano. Kano explains that shortly after his clan's destruction, Jax (alternate world version) was targeted by S.F. for treason. Jax ended up joining forces with Kano, and the two made a small militia to fight S.F (which Jarek was apart of, as well as Dairou). While Kano insisted to know the details of his Treason, Jax refused to explain to him anymore than "I did what I needed too". The two then led the Militia through Outworld, attempting to reach Kotal Kahn for assistance against S.F. Kotal at the time was fighting for control over Outworld against Mileena's forces. Him and his forces had taken shelter on Shang Tsung's island, and were living in the Temple. Their trek to the Island resulted in many deaths of the militia by the hands of S.F. and the new Black Dragon. By the time they reached the Temple, only 10 of them remained. Jax, Kano, Jarek, Dairou, a warrior named Lucan who had recently graduated from the Wu Shi academy, Ruutuu, a mysterious dark figure, Akaden, whose clan had been killed by Kotal Kahn's forces, and three other unnamed warriors. Mysteriously, the island being bombarded by a snowstorm, and was covered in snow and fog. As the 10 warriors made their way towards the temple, a humongous battle (which had been unseen by them earlier due to the fog) appeared before them. Mileena's forces had launched a surprise attack on Kotal's forces, and the two were battling at the temple. As the Nine warriors desperately try to reach the Temple, they are confronted by Mileena, Ermac, Rain, Tanya, Reptile, Shang Tsung, Reiko, and a new warrior named Ember. They all engage in Kombat together. Kano attacks Ember first, and the two Kombat each other [Note that this is the first fight in the Chapter]. Kano defeats him, and watches as Ermac kills one of the unnamed Militia soldiers. He then sees Reiko, Reptile, and Shang Tsung retreat after being defeated by Jarek, Jax, and Ruutuu. Kano turns his attention to Mileena, who is about to execute Lucan. Kano saves him at the last second, and then fights her. Kano defeats her, and she and the rest of her group retreat. Kano and Lucan regroup with everyone, and it is revealed that the three unnamed warriors died. The remaining 7 run to the Temple front. They run up the steps, which is being heavily defended. Despite this, they are let through. The doors are opened for them, and they walk through to reveal Kotal Kahn, who has turned the room into a makeshift Throne Room. Accompanying him are D'vorah, Erron Black, and Ferra/Torr. While the rest of the group seems very confused at their guest like treatment, Jax remains calm. Kotal smiles and says "Glad you could still make it under these horrid conditions Jax". An enraged Kano asks what is going on. Jax walks over to Kotal slowly and says that he knew his Militia was too small and weak to fight S.F. and the New Black Dragon, so instead he used them to help him get to Kotal, who offered him protection if he brought him Kano. Kano furiously asks what Kotal wants with him. Kotal explains that the original Black Dragon was responsible for his Father's death. Kano denies this, but is interrupted by Kotal, who wishes to hear none of Kano's pathetic lies. He then orders Erron Black to execute Kano. Black raises his gun, but it is thrown from his hand by a knife thrown from Akaden. Akaden and Dairou then walk towards Black in combat stance. They both reveal that they truly came to kill him, as Black killed all of Akaden's clan members, and Dairou was competing against Black as they were both mercenaries. Ruutuu then reveals he came for Kotal, as he wanted the throne for himself. Kano, now only with Jarek and Lucan at his side, is thrown into a rage. Yelling at his former allies to rejoin him at his side, and to not abandon him. Kotal's forces then surround Kano, Jarek, Lucan and Ruutuu, and Kotal then says "Yes, who wants to rejoin them?" Akaden and Dairou then attack Black, and after a short duel, Akaden is killed and Dairou defeats Black, but is detained before he can finish him. As this happens, Ruutuu dissapears in a black mist. Lucan then walks towards Jax, choosing to stay with him rather than be executed. Kotal looks at Jarek and smirks, and then waves his arm towards Jax and Lucan, implying that he should join them. Jarek ignores him, and stays by Kano. Kotal laughs and says "Very well, die with your friend." The two are then attacked by D'vorah. After a very short duel, D'vorah brutally kills Jarek, enraging Kano. As Kano runs at D'vorah, he is smacked by Ferra/Torr through the doors and falls down the Temple steps. A laughing Kotal approaches him saying "You deserve every bit of this scum". The wounded Kano gets to his feet, proclaiming he won't give up that easy before engaging in Mortal Kombat with him. Kano defeats him, and prepares to finish him, when he is stopped by D'vorah. Caught off guard, D'vorah subdues him and prepares to execute him, but is saved by Dairou. Kano yells at Dairou in a panic, telling him they need to run now. As they run though, Jax fires his RPG at them, and it hits the ground under them and explodes, sending them backwards. Kano gets up, and watches as Jax breaks Dairou's neck. Kano, who now has witnessed Jarek and Dairou's deaths, is engulfed in rage. He yells at Jax, calling him the most pathetic coward he's ever seen, and that he has no honor at all. Jax simply responds saying "Funny, coming from an old Black Dragon". The furious Kano then battles Jax and defeats him. Before he can kill him though, he is confronted by Kotal Kahn and his forces. As he turns to run, he sees Ermac and Ember accompanied by a few of Kotal's forces. They have Mileena, Rain, and Tanya with them, all of which are subdued. Kotal orders Ermac and Ember to his side, revealing that the two had switched sides, and now served Kotal Kahn. Kano surrounded, prepares for his death, when he is suddenly teleported away from the Temple, and the Island itself. He then finds himself in a small building (the one in which him and the rest of the original world group are in). There he is confronted by Sektor, who is aware of his technical skills and wants him to upgrade his cyborg clan to be more efficent. Kano tells him he's just been through hell, and declines (It is revealed he lied about this and that he actually excepted the offer). A dissapointed Sektor then leaves, and Kano is left alone in this unknown building, and decides to live there for the following years. Kano's flashback story then ends here. Jax is not convinced that he would do that and calls Kano a liar. Kano simply responds "If you think that you can just fuck off then and leave, because I want to help yal, but I'm not gonna help assholes." Jax stubbornly sits and lets Kano explain. Kano tells them he can get them back to his world with a portal in Outworld, which is now ruled by Kotal Kahn. He says the Portal is in Kotal's palace, and that it will take them to the Netherrealm which has the only portal that can take them home. Kano says that he has a portal to Outworld (as they are currently in Earthrealm), and in exchange for access to this Portal, he wants there help killing Kenshi and Takeda. The original Kenshi and Takeda instantly show dislike towards this, but Sonya says they don't have a choice, and they all reluctantly agree. They then begin their trek to the refugee kamp, where the alternate members of S.F. and the new black dragon are.

Chapter 4: Ermac Edit

Elsewhere, Erron Black and Ermac (original world) are seen overlooking the kove from a separate dock. They see Tremor, Kabal, Kobra (alternate world) and a few other individuals loading crates onto a ship. Reptile (original world) approaches them, asking them what they see. Erron Black tells him that there's a few Black Dragon, and that he thinks we can get through them. Reptile tells him they have to get through them to access a ship to reach the main Outworld City, which is where Ermac senses Kotal Kahn and Ferra/Torr (original world) to be. Ermac nods, and the two nod back and begin walking over to the Kove. Ermac looks at Tremor, Kabal, and Kobra each individually and then says "Familiar but not familiar" before following Black and Reptile. The three then confront the loaders, who become frightened and leave. Tremor becomes angry and yells at them, but then notices who they are and becomes very confused, proclaiming "A missing Zaterran, a jobless mercenary, and a henchman of Kotal Kahn? What forces have brought you three together?" The confused Black attempts to figure out what Tremor means, but is interrupted by Ermac, who orders Tremor and his men to leave. Kabal tells him that that's not gonna happen, and asks why he wants them gone since they have no quarrel with Outworld. Ermac becomes angry but is interrupted by a familiar laugh. Behind them all, Kano, Tremor, and Kira (original world) walk down from the ship and ask what's going on. The alternate Tremor tells them that the loaders were scared away by "This strange trio". Kano looks at them and laughs, saying "Ya, their strange alright, and we don't like strangers do we", and then unsheathes one of his knifes from his back. As they all begin to fight, Black makes one final comment. "So no more negociation?". Kano responds saying "Wasn't even considerin it". They all then run at each other and begin fighting. Ermac fights Kano, and defeats him. As Ermac advances on the defeated Kano, he is attacked by both of the Tremor's. Ermac then has a Tag Team fight against both the Tremor's, in which he emerges victorious. After defeating them, Ermac is confronted by Kabal, Kobra, and Kira, who defeated Black and Reptile. The three of them all attack Ermac at once and defeat him. Ermac, Black, and Reptile are then brought on the ship and put in prison cells. Also imprisoned with them is Kung Jin (Alternate), who was at the Kove and captured by them when they arrived. After having a short conversation, Kung Jin offers to help them escape, but Reptile tells him there's no need, and spits acid on to the lock on his cell door, allowing him to escape. He then frees Black and Ermac, and as they leave, Jin asks Ermac to free him as well. The player can then choose on whether to free Kung Jin or not, and this choice will heavily impact the story later. If Ermac doesn't free him, they leave without him and Kung Jin frees himself shortly after. If Ermac does free him, Kung Jin thanks him and walks off in the other direction and enters a room. Ermac, Reptile, and Black then reach the surface of the ship to find them docked at Shang Tsung's island and all the black dragon members defeated, and a Revenant Dairou, Revenant Johnny Cage, Dark Scorpion, and a company of green skeletal warriors standing there waiting for them. Dark Scorpion tells them that his master desires "that one", pointing directly at Ermac. Ermac declares that he will not have "us". Revenant Johnny Cage tells him that they don't mind taking him by force. They all start fighting, and the green skeleton's are instantly defeated. Ermac confronts Revenant Dairou, and breaks his spine and throws him over the ship (Dairou is not seen after this, so he is presumably dead). Ermac then fights Revenant Johnny Cage in Kombat, who has defeated Reptile. Ermac defeats Revenant Johnny, and then is confronted by Dark Scorpion, who defeated Erron Black. Ermac barely defeats Dark Scorpion, the injured spectre then teleports away, along with Revenant Johnny. Black and Reptile regroup with Ermac, and Reptile suggests they explore the island. Black asks why they would do that, but Ermac interrupts, saying he senses Kotal Kahn on the island, and that they must investigate. However, it is revealed later that Ermac mistook the Alternate Kotal Kahn for the original one, and that the Alternate one is on the Island. The trio then descend into the island.

Chapter 5: Kung Jin (Alternate World Version) Edit

[To clarify, Dark Scorpion is the name given to the alternate version of Scorpion in this world. He is still a revenant in this world]

The scene cuts to Dark Scorpion teleporting into the Netherrealm. He walks towards an unseen figure, and yells at this figure, telling him that the spell hindered him from capturing Ermac. Quan Chi (Alternate) walks to Dark Scorpion's side, telling him the spell does not affect revenants, and in fact should make him stronger. Dark Scorpion is not convinced, claiming the unseen figure did not correctly cast the spell, and has altered Dark Scorpion's ability to fight. As he says this, the unseen figure stretches his arm out (making his arm visible to the player) and blasts Dark Scorpion with some sort of green ray. Dark Scorpion cringes and falls to his knee. He slowly gets up, and Quan Chi informs him that if he was hindered by the spell before, he won't be anymore. Dark Scorpion looks at Quan Chi and the still unseen figure and nods before walking away.

The scene changes to Kung Jin. If Ermac didn't free him, the scene will begin showing Kung Jin tinkering with the lock, and then somehow unlocking it. He opens the cell door and walks through the door opposite from the exit Ermac, Black, and Reptile used. As he walks through, Yoru (original world) teleports into the room and walks towards the archer. Kung Jin is surprised by this, and asks what a henchman of Quan Chi wants with him. Yoru becomes offended, telling him he is no servant of Quan Chi, but an honorable Lin Kuei. Kung Jin asks him how many times he will switch sides before finally sticking with one. Yoru is offended by this as well, but before he insults Jin again, he ponders for a moment. Jin uses this opportunity to attack Yoru, but the warrior teleports away before he can land a strike. Kung Jin awaits Yoru's return, expecting him to teleport back into the room for a surprise attack, but after a few moments, Jin decides to leave. He climbs through a window and falls into the water below. If Ermac released him earlier, then this is where the scene will begin, implying that in this scenario Kung Jin did not encounter Yoru. Either way, Kung Jin will then swim to shore, where he spots Mileena, Tanya, and Rain (Alternate) walking into the Island Jungle with a small group of Tarkatans with them. Kung Jin follows them from a distance until they stop at a river with many stone monuments in the area (this area is an exact replica of the Kuatan Jungle stage, however it cannot be the Kuatan Jungle since the Jungle is located elsewhere in Outworld). Jin watches them talk about something, but is unable to hear them. He soon after interrupts them and makes his presence known by calling over to them, yelling "Your treading a bit to close to the Shaolin Temple Mileena". Mileena becomes infuriated, and orders the Tarkatan's to attack Jin. The archer quickly defeats the Tarkatans. Mileena growls and prepares to attack, but is stopped by Rain, who offers to deal with him himself. The two then engage in Mortal Kombat [first fight] (the stage they fight on is Kuatan Jungle, even though they are not in the Kuatan Jungle, but a jungle on Shang Tsung's island). Kung Jin defeats him, but is given little time to celebrate, as Tanya attacks him. The two then fight, and Jin emerges victorious. Finally, Mileena confronts him. She calls him a pathetic boy, saying he has no chance against someone of her skill. Jin then says "I think I'll give it a try anyway". The two engage in Kombat, and Kung Jin emerges victorious. Kung Jin looks at all his defeated opponents. He focuses on Mileena and then says to himself "I'm taking you to the Shaolin Temple". He is stopped though by the sudden appearance of Ember and Yoru (who both used Yoru's teleporting abilities to appear in front of Jin and stop him). Ember tells him he has no right attacking Kotal Kahn's officers. Kung Jin gets very confused, especially if he spoke to Yoru earlier. If he spoke to him earlier, he will ask Yoru what he's doing, which Yoru will refuse to answer, saying he doesn't speak to Shaolin scum. Kung Jin will become even more confused from this. As he stands there in confusion, Ember and Yoru will slowly approach him. He snaps out of his senses, and then kombats the two in a tag team fight. He defeats them both, but when he goes over to where he left Mileena, she and her allies are gone. He begins looking around desperately, hoping to spot them. He luckily does, on a cliff in the far distance. He makes his way to the cliff top. There, he finds Mileena, the alternate and original versions of Rain and Tanya, and Baraka (Alternate) overlooking the Shaolin Temple (which is actually the temple from Kano's flashback). Kung Jin hides in the bushes and listens to their conversation. Alternate Rain and Baraka are fighting about an attack of somesorts. Rain claims the Tarkatans, though higher in number than the Shaolin, are too weak to defeat them all. Baraka becomes very angry, and grabs Rain, telling him he is a fool to doubt the Tarkatans ability when in massive numbers, and that the attack on the Shaolin Temple will be a success. Mileena chuckles to herself, and says she will be glad to be rid of the Shaolin and Kotal Kahn (it is assumed Kotal Kahn is at the Shaolin Temple from this statement), and that her years of service to him will finally pay off, and the throne to Outworld will finally be hers. Kung Jin is surprised by this, and starts running down the cliff path that him and Mileena and her forces came from, desperately trying to make it the Temple before the attack begins to warn everyone.

Chapter 6: Erron Black Edit

Erron Black, Ermac, and Reptile are roaming through the Jungle. While doing this, they see Kung Jin fighting Ember and Yoru (meaning this took place during that fight). They also notice Mileena, Rain, and Tanya sneaking away. Reptile asks the two if they should follow them or intervene in the fight. Black shoots down both ideas, saying it's not their business, and that they need to find Emperor Kahn. Ermac argues, saying it's possible one of these people knows of where Kahn is. Black looks at the two, obviously frustrated with them. He gives in, and tells Reptile to follow Mileena and her allies. Reptile asks about the three kombating each other (Kung Jin, Ember, and Yoru). Black tells he to leave them alone, saying he doesn't want to interfere with Mortal Kombat. Reptile leaves the two and stealthy follows Mileena's group. Black and Ermac take a detour away from the fight, and come across a large temple.


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