1. This is the story mode of MK XI, each chapter a heroes defeat the enemies will going to the end, where the real villains are waiting.

Mortal Kombat XI

Full Story :

After Shinnok was defeated by Cassie Cage, Raiden manages to sacrifice himself by purifying Jinsei Chamber, but the sacrifice proved to be senseless as the dark energy he absorbed slowly poisoned his mind and heart over time which led him to question his methods in spending centuries battling the worlds' most evil foes in Shang Tsung, Shao Kahn, Shinnok and Quan Chi. To make matters worse, he begins to see the Elder Gods more as a burden, as he remembered that they didn't do nothing to stop Shao Kahn from invading Earthrealm until it was almost too late. Furious at the Elder Gods' inaction and betrayal (combined with being exiled to the Netherrealm and stripped of his role as Earthrealm's ruler after he was corrupted), Raiden changes tactics and invades Outworld and claims dominion over the realm while ruling the Netherealm (with Liu Kang and Kitana as his chief enforcers). Not satisfied with this, he then plans to launches an assault on his former fellow Elder Gods and force Armageddon upon all the realms in the universe, hoping to use an army of undead warriors. Earthrealm's Wind God Fujin (who's now the protector of Earthrealm after Raiden went on his rampage, and now must work with the other realms to stop his former friend), alongside The Special Forces, White Lotus Society, Lin Kuei and Shirai Ryu dedicate the struggle for the salvation of their kingdoms, not only plan-Land, but all the other realm such as Edenia, Outworld, and Ramse must join forces against the ambitions of a power-mad thunder god and his army of undead warriors.

Home: Narrated by Cassie Cage

A year has passed since I saved the world from Shinnok, God fallen elder, Raiden also saved us to purify the Jin Sei, although I realized he was totally different after resurface, but then our protector god mysteriously disappeared, my world was unprotected, Fujin is now the patron god right now. The imperaodres the underworld now rule this place, they agoram are planning their worst blow to attack my world, they ressulcitam all who have died in previous fighting, now we all need to join forces against the emperors of the underworld who are more determined than ever to conquer and annihilate everything around !!! What happened to Raiden? That's something I need to find out !!!


Prologue - Scorpion/Sub-Zero

Arenas: Shao Kahn's Tomb

Opponents: Kotal Kahn

Chapter 1 - Kai


Arenas: Destroyed City

Opponents: Reptile, Drahmin, Mileena, & Kotal Kahn

Chapter 2 - Sareena


Arenas: Netherrealm & Netherrealm Secret Caves

Opponents: Sindel, Kung Lao, Liu Kang and Kitana.

Chapter 3 - Jax


Arenas: Edenia's Throne Room & Edenia's Colosseum

Opponents: Johnny Cage, Rain, Onaga,& Drahmin,

Chapter 4 - Nightwolf


Arenas: Ramse Desert & Pyramid Ramse

Opponents: Erron Black, Reptile, Ermac & Kotal Kahn

Chapter 5 - Takeda Takahashi


Arenas: Outworld Market

Opponents: Goro, Ferra/Torr, Reptile & Kenshi

Chapter 6 - Jade


Arenas: Special Forces Headquarter

Opponents: Jarek, Kitana, Tasia & Dominic

Chapter 7 - Scorpion


Opponents: Takeda Takahashi, Cassie Cage,Kung Jin,& Sub Zero

Arenas: Outworld Market

Chapter 8 - Fujin


Arenas: Jinsei Chamber 

Opponents: D'Vorah, Kung Lao, Sindel & Havik

Chapter 9 - Cyrax


Arenas: Bell Tower

Opponents: Sektor, Hydro,Sonar,Nightwolf, & Shang Tsung

Chapter 10 - Jacqui Briggs


Arenas: Destroyed City & Special Forces Headquarter

Opponents: Kabal, Nightwolf, Sonar, Skarlet,& Jax

Chapter 11 - Cassie Cage


Opponents: Erron Black, Frost, Sonya Blade, & Kevin Notes

Arenas: Niagara Falls

Chapter 12 - Kung Jin


Opponents: Rain,Ferra/Torr, Kung Lao, Nightmare,& Mileena


Chapter 13 - Sub-Zero


Arenas: Lin Kuei Temple

Opponents: Jarek, Tasia, Frost, Scorpion,& Dominic

Chapter 14 - Kabal

Arenas:Fear Sanctuary

Opponents: Fear Sanctuary

Synopsis: Mileena, Scorpion, Kotal Kahn. In this chapter. D'Vorah will be killed by Mileena and Baraka becoming a dead body and murdered body 

Synopsis: Frost, Ferra/Torr,& Raiden(Shang Tsung transformed.)  

Chapter 15 - Johnny Cage

Synopsis: Skarlet, Cassie Cage, Cyrax,Baraka & Kabal  

Arenas:Fear Sanctuary

Opponents: Fear Sanctuary

Chapter 16 - Kevin Notes

Arenas: Inner Sanctum

Oponents: Kano,D'Vorah,Sub Zero,& Johnny Cage


Chapter 17 - Rain

Oponents: Onaga, Kitana, Liu Kang, & Raiden.

Synopsis: Liu Kang, Kitana and Raiden restores by Quan chi's power, who is revived from death by the elder gods.

Chapter 18 - Kenshi


Arenas: Fear Sanctuary & Inner Sanctum

Opponents: Sindel, Kabal,Smoke,& Shang Tsung.

Note: In story mode, Kabal, Smoke, Sindel and Rain are just opponents like Rain, Baraka and Sindel were MK X, Jarek and Tassia are DLC's, but in the game are also opponents.

Chapter 19 - Sonya Blade (Final Chapter)

Synopsis: Liu Kang and Kitana have transformed into a Fire breathing Dragon with two heads and Raiden became the Demon of Fear (More worse,than Shinnok).

Arenas: Netherrealm

Opponents: Kotal kahn, Onaga, Kitana,Liu Kang, & Dark Raiden .