News Mortal Kombat Reboot In Production01:29

News Mortal Kombat Reboot In Production


Mortal Kombat Zero is the complete remake of Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero taking place many centuries+years ago before the original videogame in the early 1990s, staring only the in game characters both playable and non playable.

Playable CharactersEdit

MK0 Characters!
Sub-Zero Raiden Scorpion Shinnok
Sareena Fujin Kia Quan Chi
Earth God Water God Jataaka Shang Tsung
Fire God Monk Prison Guard Grunt
Meditating Monk Fast Monk Prison Keeper Eel
Hulk Monk DLC: Kitana DLC: Reptile DLC: Ermac

Alternate Skin PacksEdit

Klassic Kharacters Pack One Rain for Water God Liu Kang for Fire God Tremor for Earth God
Sub-Zero Pack 2nd Subzero Cyber Subzero MKX Subzero
Scorpion Pack Classic Hanzo Hazachi Injustice
Reptile Pack Sobek Classic Kappa
Klassic Kharacters Pack Two Ermac Sareena Fugin

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