You from another dimension or something?


—Jackson Briggs to the Osyluth.

Real Name Bone Devil
Gender Unknown
Status Alive
Origin Hell
Resides Outworld
Species Bone Devil
In Mortal Kombat
Affiliations Hell
Allies All other devils
Enemies Unknown
Weapons Bone Devil Polearm
Fighting Styles Hand-to-Hand Combat
Alignment Lawful Evil
Games Mortal Kombat X (DLC)
The Osyluth, also known as the Bone Devil, is a character from Dungeons and Dragons and a DLC Guest Character in Mortal Kombat X.

Appearance Edit

The Osyluth appears to be a skeletal, tall, emaciated, fiendish humanoid with dried skin stretched so tight as to outline and emphasize every bone in its body. It has a skull-like head and a bony, scorpion-like tail and has six pairs of insect-like wings. Red markings can be seen on its tail, spine, fingers, knees, and toes. The Osyluth stands about 2.74m (9ft) tall, and is usually seen on its hands an knees when in combat so it can grasp the upper hand.

Moveset Edit

Variations Edit

  • Enforcer: Has greater attack range and utilizes its tail more often. Has a large scar on its torso.
  • Surveyor: Has greater defense but poor attack damage. Its wings are larger than normal.
  • Interrogator: Has greater attack damage but poor defense. Has longer claws on its fingers and toes.

Moves Edit

  • W.I.P

X-Ray Edit

  • Don't Try to Resist: The Osyluth stabs forward with its tail. If this connects, the Osyluth will fly over to the opponent and stab its tail onto the opponent's left eye, bursting it open and fracturing the skull. It then retracts its tail from the opponent's face and stabs him/her/it with its polearm, breaking the sternum and several ribs. It then stomps down on the opponent's face, breaking the skull even further than it was already broken.

Fatalities Edit

  • Unholy Justice: The Osyluth slices the opponent's torso open with its claws, causing intestines to spill out onto the ground and reveal the opponent's skeletal structure. When the opponent drops to his/her/its knees, the Osyluth flies upwards and rams its polearm down the opponent's throat before roughly pulling it out, breaking the jaw loose and causing the ribcage to shatter. The opponent then slumps over, dead.
  • A Fitting Punishment: The Osyluth rams its tail into the opponent's body and roughly lifts it out of his/her/its body, causing the torso to explode. Once the limbs fall back to the Earth, the Osyluth breaks open the skull and extracts the teeth. It then takes a tendon out of one of the disembodied arms and makes a necklace out of it and the teeth.

Other Finishers Edit

  • (W.I.P)

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