Ren Sato
Kings of the realm by grafit art-d8251wa
Gender Male
Status Alive
Origin Outworld
Resides Outworld
Species Outworlder
In Mortal Kombat
Weapons Machete
Games Mortal Kombat: The New World Order
Portrayers TBA

About RenEdit

Not your common blacksmith, any weapon that Ren touches, he instantly gains a proficiency to it. With the ability to see into a weapon's history and past ownership, Ren's opportunity for kombat is a dream come true.



Combat CharacteristicsEdit


  • All Stances: Basic Attacks
    • Right Hook - Basic Punch
    • Uppercut - Basic Uppercut
    • Fist of Ruin - Powerful Fist
  • Machete: Special Moves
    • Hack'n'Slash - Multiple Machete Slashes
    • Upsplitter - Machete Uppercut
    • Bloodlust - Grab and Stab
  • Swords of Ilkan: Special Moves
    • Flare - Sword Fireball
    • Sword Flip - Blade Frontflip
    • Bubble Smash - Sword Telekinesis
  • Degei Drakulu: Special Moves
    • Fire Ring - Fire Ring Projectile
    • Batter Up - Staff Swing
    • Skull Circle - Skulls Circle for Protection
  • Wrath Hammer: Special Moves
    • Swing - Hammer Swing
    • Smash - Hammer Smash
    • Shoulder Rush - Shoulder Charge

Other MovesEdit

  • Throw: Ren grabs his enemy and brutally beats them to the ground. The enhanced version changes throughout each stance. (MK:TNWO)
    • Lifts and decapitates the enemy. (Machete)
    • TBA
    • Possesses the enemy, causing them to fight for him. (Degei Drakulu)
    • TBA


  • ...: Ren hacks at the opponent with his machete, starting at the waist, until they are completely severed in half. (MK:TNWO)
    • Unlocked during Chapter 1.
  • ...: Ren grabs the opponent and stabs them with his machete. Then, lifting the machete, he cuts his opponent vertically in half from the abdomen. (MK:TNWO)
    • Unlocked during Chapter 1.
  • Split-Minded: Ren raises his machete and vertically hacks the opponent's head in half before decapitating them. (MK:TNWO)
    • Unlocked during Chapter 1.
  • Slash N' Burn: Ren lifts the opponent up and stabs them multiple times with his machete, then throws away. (MK:TNWO)
    • Unlocked during Chapter 1.
  • Dragon's Breath: Ren uses his Degei Drakulu to burn a hole in the opponent. (MK:TNWO)
    • Unlocked after completing Level 7.
  • Mist of Death: Ren uses his Degei Drakulu to release a poisonous mist at the opponent to kill them. (MK:TNWO)
    • Unlocked after completing Chapter 7.
  • Headache: Ren turns his Degei Drakulu skull into a metallic skull and hits the opponent across the face twice and then smashes them in the forehead, cracking it open. (MK:TNWO)
    • Unlocked after completing Chapter 7.
  • ...: Ren smashes his opponent into the ground leaving only their upper torso above ground, before hammering his opponent into a bloody explosion. (MK:TNWO)
    • Unlocked during Chapter 8.
  • ...: Ren rips off his opponent's leg, and knocks their head off with it.
    • Unlocked at Level ...
  • …: Ren rips his opponent's arms, slaps them twice in the face with their severed arms, then kicks them away.
    • Unlocked at Level ...

Other FinishersEdit

  • Duality - God Send: Ren uses Shin Tsung's magics to enhance his attacks. (MK:TNWO)
    • Unlocked during Chapter 3.
  • Multality - TBA: TBA (MK:TNWO)
    • Unlocked during Chapter 5.
  • Multality - Soul Harvest: Ren slams his Degei Drakulu on the ground and releases spirit skulls to eat all surrounding enemies. (MK:TNWO)
    • Unlocked at Level 19. Costs ...
  • Brutality - Bloodboom: Ren equips a pair of powerful gauntlets and demolishes his opponents with ease. (MK:TNWO)
    • Unlocked during Chapter 9.


  • TBA

Additional DetailsEdit

  • TBA

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