Current Timeline
Rick Taylor
Splatterhouse Rick
Real Name Rick Taylor
Gender Male
Status Alive
Origin Earthrealm
Resides Earthrealm
Species Human
In Mortal Kombat
Weapons Chainsaw (MKX)
Cleaver (MKX)
Shotgun (MKX)
Alignment Neutral
Games Mortal Kombat X

Biography Edit

  • Mortal Kombat X: "Rick and his girlfriend, Jennifer, take refuge in a mansion. Once they got inside, the two were attacked by monsters. Jennifer was taken hostage and Rick was mortally wounded. Once he awakened, he realized that he was wearing the Terror Mask. He then saves his girlfriend, but he was too late and she transformed a hideous monster. Rick defeats and somewhat kills Jennifer aftermath."

Games Edit

Mortal Kombat X Edit

Rick appears as a DLC character in Kombat Pack 4: Immortals.

Ending Edit

  • Mortal Kombat X (Non-Canoncial): "Rick defeats Shinnok and realized that his amulet was near his feet. Rick then picks it up and leaves the Jinsei Chamber with it. Raiden congrats Rick for bringing the item to him. Rick was confused about this moment, as he wasn't ordered to, nor even met Raiden before. The Terror Mask orders Rick to attack the Thunder God, which he surprisingly accepts. Rick faces Raiden in a hand-to-hand Mortal Kombat battle."