Siefa Tan
In Mortal Kombat

Siefa Tan is a fanon character that debuted in Mortal Kombat: Dark Vengeance. She is voiced by Tara Strong.





Special MovesEdit



  • Corte del Vientre: Siefa uses her sword to cut off her opponent's abdomen, then kicks him/her, causing him/her to die from blood loss.
  • Half of Yours: Siefa uses her telekinesis to lift up her sword to impale the opponent's forehead, quickly slicing it through the shoulders to the feet, showing flesh and Siefa rips him/her to pieces.


  • Telekinetic Trust: Siefa brutally stabs the opponent's kneebones and takes out his/her kneebones and stabs his/her eyes with telekinetic powers.
  • Autopsy: Siefa uses her sword to rip out the flesh of the chest of the opponent, twisting his/her innards, organs and guts with the telekinesis while lifting up the opponent using her telekinesis and uses her sword to cut the twisted innards, organs and guts to pieces, leaving a bloody mess.
  • Half Evil: Siefa cuts the opponent's head in half with her sword then uses telekinesis to slam him/her to the ground when the opponent is screaming from the top of his/her lungs.
  • Split You In Two: Siefa uses her telekinesis to lift up the opponent's body and uses her sword to split them apart.
  • Bloody Puncher: Siefa punches her opponent twelve times, leaving a bloody skull and amount of flesh. As Siefa does her final blow, she tries to punch the opponent, but uses her point finger to push down his/her nose.


  • She will sound like Raven from Teen Titans.

Additional DetailsEdit


  • When she speaks first, she teleports in a flash and walks in with her sword holding on her left hand (the opponent says their line); then she says her line as she gets in her stance, wielding a sword up in the air.
  • When she speaks second, she walks in, putting on her earrings; (the opponent says their line); she wields up her sword and she was ready to fight (then the opponent says their second line).


  • When she wins a round, she'll walk back while brushing herself off, most likely saying:
    • "I make others pay!"
    • "I love it when they scream..."
    • Action: Teleports away.
  • When she wins the match, she takes out her earrings and drops down her sword, disappearing in a flash by teleporting.


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