Skarlet 2
Gender Female
Origin Outworld
Resides Outworld
Species Genetic Experiment
In Mortal Kombat
Weapons Tanto (MK2011, MKX)
Kunai (MK2011, MKX)
Kodachi Swords (MK2011, MKX)
Games Mortal Kombat (2011) (DLC)
Mortal Kombat X (DLC)
Portrayers Dana Lyn Baron (MK 2011)

Skarlet is a character in the Mortal Kombat fighting game series. She made her debut in Mortal Kombat (2011) as a Downloadable Character (DLC). Before that, however, she was a subject of fan speculation that began with rumors of a glitch in Mortal Kombat II.

About SkarletEdit

Originally, Skarlet was a character rumored to have been a secret in Mortal Kombat II, though this was speculated to be a coding glitch from Kitana, much like Ermac, who had supposedly been a color glitch from Scorpion.


Skarlet has unnaturally red hair with a black streak tied back in a low ponytail, and her clothing is primarily red and black with minimal white accents. She wears a tight ninja half-face mask from her nose to the edge of her collar bone. She has forearm and shoulder guards, and wears somewhat of a loin cloth, and a top that is similar to Jade's alternate top. She wears red high heeled boots that run up to her knees. She also has four kunai strapped onto her right leg, which are featured in her moveset.

In the Mortal Kombat X Comic Series and Mortal Kombat X, while Skarlet is still seen in her original outfit, she is also seen in a full black body suit with matching shoulder guards. She keeps her mask and wears her loin cloth over the suit, while also now wielding twin katanas.

  • Bloodbath: A blood core surrounds her.
  • Monstrous: Arms and legs are surrounded by red mist.
  • Organized: Loin cloth, facemask and hair glow bright red.

Combat characteristicsEdit

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Skarlet is a very ferocious opponent in battle. She utilizes a slew of blades during combat, which she can use as both projectiles and melee weapons. Being composed solely of blood, Skarlet can utilize several blood-related techniques such as throwing orb-shaped projectiles composed of blood and can even morph herself into a red-liquid state which she can mold into structures. Unlike Noob Saibot, she utilizes this state for both offensive and evasive maneuvers.

  • Bloodbath: Can do attacks with her Kodachi swords and kunais.
  • Monstrous: Can create bloody limbs/clones and monsters and can transform into a bloody monster.
  • Organized: Adds Spillful, Brain Splatter and Dagger Drill.

Signature movesEdit

  • Up Slash: Skarlet unsheathes one of her swords and slices her opponent upward, allowing a juggle. Can be performed during her Red Dash to increase its range. (MK 2011, MKX)
    • The enhanced version is called Dual Up Slash and adds an additional hit. (MK2011)
    • Up and Down Slash: Does a Down Slash after the attack. (MKX)
  • Down Slash: Skarlet unsheathes one of her swords and slices her opponent downward, allowing a juggle. Can be performed during her Red Dash to increase its range. (MK 2011, MKX)
    • The enhanced version is called Dual Down Slash and adds an additional hit.
    • Down and Up Slash: Does an Up Slash after the attack. (MKX)
  • Dagger Toss: Skarlet throws two of the kunai strapped to her leg. The second kunai can be delayed. (MK 2011, MKX)
    • The enhanced version is called Double Daggers and allows Skarlet to throw four kunai. (MK2011, MKX)
  • Air Dagger: Skarlet throws a kunai in the air. This has straight and diagonal commands. (MK 2011, MKX)
    • The enhanced version is called Tri Air Dagger and allows her to throw 3 kunais at a time. This has close and far commands. (MK2011, MKX)
  • Tanto Slice: Skarlet gets out her tanto either swipes the opponent to pop them upwards, slices their chest or slices them upwards, uppercutting them. (MKX)
  • Bloody Drops: Skarlet claps her hands and changes her default stance and specializes her attacks in that stance for a limited amount of time. However, locks all special moves in this stance. (MKX - Bloodbath)
    • Gory Parts: All of Skarlet's punches and kicks will send the opponent rolling backwards. (MKX - Bloodbath)
    • Krimson Daggers: All of Skarlet's dagger attacks does increased damage and armor. (MKX - Bloodbath)
    • Reflector: Skarlet's Up Slash and Down Slash reflects projectiles. (MKX - Bloodbath)
  • Blood Ball: Skarlet stabs herself and throws a ball composed of her own blood at the opponent. This decreases some of her own health but compensates by being the most powerful non-boss projectile in the game. Its trajectory may be altered somewhat by holding down or up as it is launched. In MKX, she doesn't stab herself, doesn't decrease her health and throws her blood core that surrounds her instead of creating the ball herself. This move is called Blood Core in that game. (MK 2011, MKX - Bloodbath)
    • Gory Core: The core propels the opponent to Skarlet. (MKX - Bloodbath)
  • Blood Drop: Skarlet teleports above and behind her opponent and slashes them. This move can be performed in mid-air. This move is similar to Mileena's Sky kick. (MK 2011, MKX - Bloodbath)
    • The enhanced version is called Blood Stomp and makes her stab the opponent, digging her swords into their shoulder blades until they fall down, and then rolls off them. (MK 2011, MKX - Bloodbath)
  • Red Dash: Skarlet dashes forward, leaving a blood trail behind her. This move does not hit on its own. (MK 2011, MKX - Bloodbath)
    • The enhanced version is called Krimson Dash and lets her dash a longer distance. (MK2011, MKX - Bloodbath)
  • Red Slide: Skarlet slides on a pool of blood and attacks her enemies. This can only be done during Red Dash. (MK 2011)
  • Red Upward Kick: Skarlet kicks upwards, leaving a blood trail behind her. (MKX - Bloodbath)
    • Krimson Upward Kick: Adds armor and increased damage. (MKX - Bloodbath)
  • Red Shadow Kick: Skarlet does a sliding side kick, leaving a blood trail behind her, similar to Johnny Cage's Shadow Kick move. (MKX - Bloodbath)
    • Krimson Shadow Kick: Adds armor and increased damage. (MKX - Bloodbath)
  • Red Shoulder Charge: Skarlet does a headbutt ram similar to Shao Kahn's shoulder charge, but with red-ish energy. (MKX - Bloodbath)
    • Krimson Shoulder Charge: Adds armor and increased damage. (MKX - Bloodbath)
  • Blood Puddle: Skarlet stabs herself and turns into a puddle of blood (decreasing her health). During this move, she is immune to all damaging attacks and she can move too. (MKX - Bloodbath)
    • Gory Puddle: This move's duration is longer and she loses more of her health. (MKX - Bloodbath)
    • Rising Uppercut: Skarlet comes out of the puddle and uppercuts her opponent. This move stops immediately after she executes this move. (MKX - Bloodbath)
    • Surprising Geyser: Skarlet can execute the Blood Geyser during the move. (MKX - Bloodbath)
    • Hidden Stomp: Skarlet can execute the Bloody Stomp during the move. (MKX - Monstrous)
  • Blood Geyser: Skarlet tosses her blood core underneath the opponent and a geyser appears from it, which bounces her opponent, allowing a combo if this connects. (MKX - Bloodbath)
    • Gory Geyser: Increased damage. (MKX - Bloodbath)
  • Blood Regen: Skarlet goes into a prayer stance and recovers her health while becoming red. (MKX - Bloodbath)
    • Bloody Counter: Skarlet counters during the move when her opponent attacks her and doesn't recover that much health. (MKX - Bloodbath)
  • Blood Reign: Skarlet creates a blood pillar which stabs the opponent on the hand, lifting them up for a few seconds. (MKX - Bloodbath)
  • Bloody Teleport: Skarlet teleports, turning into a puddle of blood and reappears in front of them or behind them. (MKX - Bloodbath)
    • Krimson Teleport: Skarlet attacks after teleporting. (MKX - Bloodbath)
  • Blood Clone: Skarlet creates a blood clone of herself to attack her opponent. (MKX - Monstrous)
  • Creator of Gore: Skarlet stabs herself the in the palm to unlock unique special moves and lock all special moves for an exchange of health. (MKX - Monstrous)
    • Bloody Hand: Skarlet brings down a bloody hand to squash her opponent. (MKX - Monstrous)
    • Bloody Punch: Skarlet creates a bloody fist and it punches her opponent in front on her, behind her or beneath them. (MKX - Monstrous)
    • Bloody Stomp: Skarlet leaps to the air and and a giant foot with heels created by blood from Skarlet appears seconds later, squashing her opponent and then reappearing. (MKX - Monstrous)
  • Bloody Transformation: Skarlet turns into a blood monster for a short period of time, giving her a damage buff, but speed and jump nerf. (MKX - Monstrous)
  • Blood Tentacle: Skarlet creates a blood tentacle below her opponent, which stabs them in the abdomen. (MKX - Monstrous)
    • Blood Tentacles: Skarlet creates two tentacles, with the second one stabbing the opponent in the chest. (MKX - Monstrous)
  • Blood Doll: Skarlet creates a voodoo doll from her own blood (decreasing her health) and can either stab it with her tanto, sword or kunai to deal damage to her opponent, slam it on the ground to bounce her opponent for a juggle or uppercut it to destroy it. (MKX - Monstrous)
  • Spillful: Skarlet slashes the opponent in the abdomen, causing them to bleed over time. (MKX - Organized)
  • Brain Splatter: Skarlet slashes the opponent's forehead, causing them to bleed over time. (MKX - Organized)
  • Dagger Drill: Skarlet grabs her opponent and stabs them in the abdomen with one of her daggers a few times then shoves it in the opponent's head. (MKX - Organized)
  • X-Ray - Blood Bank: Skarlet flips forward, whereupon connecting, she delivers a brutal palm strike into her opponent's nose area, breaking the skull, followed by a reverse kick, piercing their eye cavity with the heel of her boot. (MK 2011)
  • X-Ray Move - Skarred: Skarlet slices the opponent in the face before reverse kicking them, with the heel piercing their eye socket. Then she sweeps her opponent, forcing them on their knees to stab them through the ear to knee their face, craving it and sending them flying for a juggle. (MKX)

Other movesEdit

  • Throw: Skarlet grabs her opponent, stabs them in the shoulder with her ninja sword, forces them onto their knees, then either plants her foot on their chest and kicks them away (Forward Throw), or flips herself behind them and wrenches her ninja sword out - the force of which causes the opponent to fall to the ground (Backwards Throw). (MK 2011)
  • Throw: Skarlet grabs her opponent and starts slashing them with either her sword, tanto or kunai in the neck. She finishes the throw with a upper slash. (MKX)


  • Blood Bath: Skarlet takes one of her ninja swords and stabs her opponent in through the ear. She then takes the other sword and slashes her opponent´s throat, holding them back as she lets their blood gush on her face. (MK 2011)
  • Make It Rain: Skarlet stabs herself with her sword. She then becomes a puddle of blood and moves underneath the opponent. She then creates blood pillars, which stab the hands and legs of the opponent, causing them to elevate. Skarlet appears under the opponent, slices their stomach and proceeds to bathe in the blood and chunks of flesh that pour out from their wound. (MK 2011)
  • Krakening: Skarlet creates two blood tentacles which impale the opponent by the hands, lifting them upwards. She then creates another one which goes through their chest, piercing out the heart. Skarlet then brings the tentacle with the heart still attached to its top to her and grabs it. She then crushes it and absorbs the blood from it. (MKX)
  • My Tentacle Friends: Skarlet stabs herself and places her hand on the opponent's chest, making them absorb the her blood. Seconds later, two tentacles emerge replace the arms of her victim. One of the tentacles dig themselves into the opponent's chest to rip out the heart. Skarlet then snatches the heart and crushes it to absorb the blood from it before her deceased opponent collapses to the floor. (MKX)

Other finishersEdit

  • Babality: Skarlet takes out a bottle of milk and starts to drink. She then throws the milk bottle, taking out a bottle of blood and drinks that instead. (MK 2011)
  • Brutality #1 - Eye Test: Skarlet does her X-Ray move, with her heel pulling out the eye of her opponent. (MKX)
  • Brutality #2 - Half Life: Skarlet down her Down and Up Slash move, with her cutting the opponent in half. (MKX - Bloodbath)
  • Brutality #3 - Tentacle Pierce: Skarlet does her Bloody Tentacles move, with the second tentacle piercing the opponent through the chest, killing them and piercing out the heart. (MKX - Monstrous)
  • Brutality #4 - Red Dish: ... (MKX - Organized)
  • Brutality #5 - ...: ... (MKX - Secret)

Character developmentEdit

Skarlet is based on the (debunked) rumor of Skarlet in Mortal Kombat II. Supposedly, a red palette swap of Kitana, same as with Ermac as a red palette swap of Scorpion, little was known about her aside from that. On September 10th, 2010, Ed Boon updated his twitter with an image of the leg of an unknown, red-clad, female character. Speculation has abounded that this might be a redesign of Sareena or Kira. Boon had initially promised to release the full image should Shao Kahn win against Gears of War's General RAAM in Gamespot's "All Time Greatest Villain" Contest. However, after Shao Kahn's loss, no additional information as to the identity of this character was given for months. Since then, she has been seen in the background of the Kahn's Arena during gameplay videos for Mortal Kombat (2011). On March 26th, 2011, Gamepro released information regarding which characters would be available as Downloadable Content (DLC) in Mortal Kombat (2011). Skarlet was revealed – although her name was not. Through hacking of the game, Skarlet was discovered, as well as having a Babality model, but the model was glitched and did not move.

Game InformationEdit

She was rumored to have appeared briefly in MKII as a red, glitched Kitana. According to Hans Lo from NetherRealm Studios, Skarlet's appearance in MKII was a "programming glitch."[1] MK series co-creator (and MKII lead programmer) Ed Boon has publicly contradicted this, initially calling it simply "not true".[2] In a later interview, Boon expanded on this remark somewhat, saying: "...there was never a glitch that turned Kitana red, that never existed. That was just an urban legend like Animalities and Ermac — a rumor that we eventually wanted to make true."[3] This glitch could, however, be the result of physical damage to the hardware of the arcade cabinet, leaving the validity of the glitch still up to debate.


  • Skarlet is the only one of the female "ninjas", that can be truly considered a kunoichi (female ninja) due to the fact that she possesses Kodachi Swords and Kunais and her fighting style is based on Taijutsu.
  • She is the third character based on a rumor to have been made playable, the first two being Ermac and Blaze, respectively.
  • Skarlet makes multiple appearances throughout MK (2011)'s Story Mode, appearing among the other fighters. She is also seen chained up in Kahn's Coliseum.
  • Before her release as an official character, Skarlet was known simply as "The Lady in Red."
  • She is the third character whose power has to do with blood, the first two being Nitara and Meat.
  • Story-wise, she is the third character created by Shao Kahn's will, the first two being Mileena and Ermac.
  • In early development, Skarlet had Jade's fighting stance.
  • Her Babality is the only one in the series to have blood in it.
  • When Shang Tsung's Identity Theft Fatality is performed on Skarlet, she will not yell "No!"; instead, she will grunt.
  • At only 27% damage, Skarlet's X-Ray Move does the least amount of damage out of all the other kombatants'.
  • Much like Ermac, Skarlet's voice is composed of multiple voices, which talk in unison.
  • Skarlet's Blood Ball and Blood Doll, Kotal Kahn's Blood Offering and Predator's Self Destruct are the only special moves in the Mortal Kombat series that drain health when used.
  • Skarlet and Khameleon are the only female ninjas that have not been unmasked.
    • However, Skarlet is unmasked in her Babality.
    • Through hacking, it was revealed that her Babality was originally going to have her mask on. However, this model is glitched and does not move.
    • Also through hacking, it was revealed that she has an alternate costume. It is only featured on the PS Vita version of Mortal Kombat (2011), however.
  • As revealed in Fatality Practice mode, her favorite historical figure when she was a young girl was the 16th century Hungarian Countess and murderer Elizabeth Báthory, who was rumored to have bathed in the blood of young women to maintain her youth.
  • Excluding guest characters, Skarlet is currently one of the three characters that are only playable in one game, the other two being Taven and Daegon.
  • Skarlet received two Klassic Costumes in the PS Vita version of Mortal Kombat (2011): a MKII outfit, based on her speculation of being a character in that game, and the other is a UMK3-styled outfit.
    • She also received her scrapped alt from the console version. It (along with Rain's and Kenshi's) is unlocked by beating Challenge #150 on the Challenge Tower.
  • The fact that Skarlet was a rumor in MKII is referenced in one of the challenges in the Bonus Challenge Tower from the PS Vita version of Mortal Kombat (2011).
  • Besides Cyber Sub-Zero, Skarlet is the only non-klassic character in the series to receive a Klassic Character skin.
  • Skarlet was in an early draft of Mortal Kombat X's story mode but was cut.[4]

Additional DetailsEdit

Character Select Screen:

  • When she is picked, Skarlet does her Red Dash forwards.
  • Taunt: Skarlet projects a heart from her own blood and crushes it, absorbing the blood.
  • When both characters are ready, Skarlet turns into a pool of blood and moves backwards.


  • When she speaks first, she appears from a moving blood puddle with his Kodachi Swords and says her line; [camera then pans and she puts his swords in the two sheathes on her side] (the opponent says their line); then she goes into her fighting stance while saying her second line.
  • When she speaks second, she appears from a moving blood puddle without her swords also carrying a heart from a mortal; (the opponent says their line) [camera the opponent) [she crushes the heart to absorb the blood from it while being faded out]; says her line; (then the opponent says their second line).


  • Symbols of variations:
    • Bloodbath: Her kodachi swords, kunai and tanto.
    • Monstrous: Blood related attacks.
    • Organized: Organs.
  • Breaker: Creates a gory explosion.
    • Air Breaker: Blasts the opponent back.
  • Alternate Color: Dark red
    • Original Costume -
  • When she wins a round, she places her hand on the ground, creating a blood geyser.
  • If she wins too close to the opponent, she backflips two times backwards.
  • Outro: Skarlet does her MK2011 outro.
  • After Brutality: Skarlet folds her arms and turns into a pool of blood.
  • Before Faction Kill: Skarlet waves goodbye.

Quote About Gameplay:

  • "Skarlet is a skillful character with great speed and durable special moves. However, most of them deal small damage and don't really have any effect on her opponent."
  • Kombat Klass: "TBA"


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