Sonic.exe, 5th dlc for mortal kombat 2011

Sonic exe by silverscourges-d5srs32


bio:a monster from a strange cd version of sonic that was probally glitched, hacked or made by somebody else besides sega has arised

intro:this intro takes place of the battlefield empty, and then static appears for 5 seconds then cuts to a black screen with the text:fOuND yOU, 2nd static appears for 2 seconds then cuts back to the battlefield but now with sonic.exe looking at the ground and then moves his head up and says:hello... do want to play with me?

victory pose (end of round 1):sonic.exe folds his arms letting out a demonic laugh then unfolds his arms

winning pose (pose if you don't kill the person and just hit him/her):camera zooms out from sonic.exe, then static appears for 5 seconds then cuts to a image of sonic.exe with the message:i am god then more static appears for 1 second and does it repeatly

special moves:

teleportation:sonic.exe teleports behind his opponent then punches him/her with enough force to make him/her fall to the floor

ring toss:sonic.exe throws a ring at his opponent

gut throw:simliar to scorpion's spear throw, but instead of a spear:sonic.exe throws a long gut at his opponent whipping him/her

echantment moves:

FOUND YOU:same as sonic.exe's teleportation, but now... sonic.exe's punch takes more damage

blood toss:sonic.exe throws a bloody ring at his opponent

hell throw:sonic.exe throws a flaming gut at his opponent whipping him/her

x-rays:sonic.exe teleports behind his opponent and claws the back of his/her head then teleports again at the front of his opponent and uppercuts him/her


youre too slow:sonic.exe claws his opponent's eyes out, then rips his/her head off (simliar to sub zero's spine rip dlc fatality)

I Am God:static appears for 10 seconds then cuts to sonic.exe with his opponent with his/her guts ripped out, then sonic.exe looks at the camera and say "I... Am... GOD!"



hill act 1

hide and seek

You can't run

you can't run stage fatality:spikes appear above the ceiling after the finish him message and the stage fatality is the player uppercutting the opponent up to spikes (very simillar to the pit fatality)

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