Springtrap AKA Spring Bonnie is former child-murderer turned undead trapped inside an animatronic and is the main antagonist of Five Nights at Freddy's 3. He is also the only animatronic who can kill the security guard unlike the Phantom animatronics. Springtrap is a brownish-golden color resembling Golden Freddy. Its "fur" or synthetic skin is rotted, and it has copious amounts of external damage. It bears human-looking eyes, and a deranged smile, likely due to decades of neglect and general wear-and-tear. Behind its mask lies a hidious mummified face with a look of frozen dread.. Dried and crusted prices of brain and intestine are visible. The synthetic skin has also rotted off the feet entirely, exposing metal feet with veins across them. It resembles both Bonnie and Golden Freddy in many aspects. This mysterious animatronic also has a very spastic, convoluted way of moving, and a loud, electric-sounding scream, like the other animatronics. It also walks in a very fluent, casual way, more

like an organic being than a lifeless robot.