Real Name Sunshine
Gender Male
Status Alive
Origin Unknown
Resides Edenia
Species Edenian
In Mortal Kombat
Weapons Sunny Staff
Burning Orbitars
Alignment Neutral
Games Mortal Kombat: Riot
Sunshine, is a yellow orange clad ninja who is the major protagonist of Mortal Kombat: Rise of The Sun. He serves for Kotal Kahn, no matter what, even if he dies. He also appears in Mortal Kombat: Riot.

Appearance Edit

Sunshine appears as a yellow-orange clad ninja. Sunshine dons a cape with the Solar System decal on it. Unlike most of the male ninjas, he doesn't have a mask on.

Combat characteristics Edit

Sunshine is shown to have amazing speed and having the solar element. Sunshine is known for burning people's flesh with his solar energy. His powers are associated with Kotal Kahn. Sunshine can also teleport from the solar energy to another spot, mostly where the foe is. He uses the Flaming Pole to kill Kano and Baraka in MK:RoTS, which can melt the flesh from his foes and used to lighten up areas.

Signature moves Edit

  • Burning Side Kick: Sunshine charges up a sliding side kick and unleashes the move, with his leg on fire. (MK:R)
    • Flaming Side Kick: Sunshine slides farther, increased damage. (MK:R)
  • Burning Upwards Kick: Sunshine charges up a upwards kick and unleashes the move, with his leg on fire. (MK:R)
    • Flaming Upwards Kick: Increased damage. (MK:R)
  • X Ray Move: Morning Sun: Sunshine charges up and swings his staff, turning the opponent sideways and hits them with the staff in the neck, snapping it. ... . (MK:R)

Other moves Edit


Fatalities Edit


Other finishersEdit





  • It's unknown where Sunshine is born from, or how he ended up in Edenia, as he doesn't live there.

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