Torr say you bad man!


—Ferra to Terry Akers.

Terry Akers
Gender Male
Status Undead
Origin Earthrealm
Resides Earthrealm
Species Mutated Human
In Mortal Kombat
Affiliations The WaU (Warden Unit)
Allies Unknown
Enemies Unknown
Fighting Styles Hand-to-Hand Combat
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Games Mortal Kombat X (DLC)
Terry Akers is a former PATHOS-II crewman, an antagonist in SOMA, and a DLC Guest Character in Mortal Kombat X.  

Appearance Edit

Akers is highly disfigured and eyeless. He is unusually humanoid for a WAU creation: he has arms, hand-like appendages, and a recognizable face with exposed eye sockets, though other features such as the nose and mouth have long since shrunken away.

Much of his body is encrusted in bulbous, cancerous growths (similar to a polycystic kidney); where his skin is visible at all, it is discolored and leathery. Growths resembling a third arm and third foot protrude from his abdomen, and a single large gash cleaves through the front of his head and torso, making Akers appear vertically bisected. His limbs are visibly deformed, as scans found in a medical room at PATHOS-II reveal a twisted, misshapen skeletal structure.

Moveset Edit

Variations Edit

  • Advanced: Has greater attack range but is more susceptible to damage. Arms are longer than normal.
  • Proxy: Greater damage output but poor speed. Growths covering body are larger.
  • Techno-organic: Has WaU-based attacks. Appears to be made entirely out of WaU fungus.

Moves Edit

  • W.I.P

X-Ray Edit

  • Close Your Eyes: This X-Ray starts out similarly to Reptile's X-Ray. Akers charges the opponent to grab their head and dislocate their jaw, but Terry then headbutts the opponent, fracturing the skull. He then grabs the opponent by the torso and squeezes hard enough to break most of the ribs.

Fatalities Edit

  • You'll Never Have to Wake Again: Terry grabs the opponent by the head, forces the opponent's mouth open and vomits copious amounts of structure gel down his/her throat. Terry then lets the opponent go, only for the opponent to start coughing up blood and structure gel. Then, huge crops of WaU fungus begin to grow out of the opponent's body, causing him/her to scream in pain. A few seconds later, the top of their head is overtaken by WaU fungus, and he/she drops dead.
  • No Reason to Stay Behind: Terry knocks the opponent out and drags them away. The screen then fades into an undetermined location at PATHOS-II, possibly Site Theta. The opponent appears to be long dead, with rotting flesh and missing certain limbs. Terry then puts the opponent in a growing crop of WaU fungus. The opponent is revealed to be still alive, and as he/she attempts to scream, all that comes out is a faint, raspy groan. The WaU fungus rapidly grows in and around him/her, and all that is left is an arm sticking out of the WaU fungus.

Other Finishers Edit

  • W.I.P

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