Arkham Knight
ArkhamKnight render-358x500
Real Name Daniel
Gender Male
Status Alive
Origin Earthrealm
Resides Earthrealm
Species Enhanced Human
In Mortal Kombat
Weapons Swords
Guns throwing stars grapnel gun tomahawks staff escrima sticks tasers smoke pellets bombs jamming device smoke grenade bow and arrows line launcher trackers hacking device and a gliding device hidden in his back and hiddden blades and much more ..
Games Mortal Kombat X
Portrayers Me

About Arkham KnightEdit

Daniel was once a normal young boy until he was kidnapped by a mysterious clan where they trained and tortured him when he did something wrong they experimented on him he eventually escaped but soon found out the expirements gave him powers he soon adopted the Arkham Knight identity acting as a vigilantly in many city's one day a strange man approached him named Tavius.......


Looks same as the photo but shorten the ears make the cameo black

Combat CharacteristicsEdit

Signature MovesEdit

  • Shoot: Knight pulls out his handgun and shoots the opponent

enhanced version pulls two guns shooting the opponent 10 times

  • Slice Combo: Knight pulls out his Katana sword starts slicing the opponent ending with a downward slice knocking the opponent back

enhanced version adds two swords and extra hits

  • Shank Shank: Knight grabs the opponent and stabs them 4 times before throwing them away

enhanced version stabs them 2 more times before slicing up launching them in the air opening them for a juggle

  • Harpooned: Knight takes out his grapnel gun and shoots it out the opponent pulls them to him close lines them as there knocked off there feet he drops his elbow on them
  • Get Down Here!!: Knight takes out his grapnel gun and pulls the opponent down to the ground slamming them on the ground yelling Get Down Here!!
  • Tased: Knight shoots his taser gun at the opponent electrocuting the opponents head

enhanced version he shoots extra wires at the opponents nuts electrocuting them too

  • Bone Break Combo: Knight grabs the opponent and breaks their arm stomps their knee breaking it does a leg sweep catches them mid air and brings his knee up and slams them down on it breaking their back

X-Ray Move - Beatdown: Knight grabs the opponent breaking their arm and stomps on their leg breaking their leg and does a side kick breaking their ribs rupturing their organs and ends it with a chops to the throat crushing it and snapping their neck


  • Slice and Dice: Knight takes out his swords quickly cuts head torso down middle then cuts diagonally like a X then legs as they fall they fall to pieces.
  • Death Touch: Knight runs and puts two fingers on the opponents chest which knocks the opponent back breacking every bone in his body rupturing every organ killing them instantly.
  • Dragons Death Grip: Knight puts his hand through the opponents chest grabs their spine pulls on it 2 times on the 3rd pull he pulls out the opponents entire skeleton has he raises it in the air.
  • Buuuuurn: Knight pulls out his collapsable bow and shoots two arrows in the opponents eyes then draws his bow again and says *Say ah dirtbag !* and shoots the arrow through the opponents head as it spins it splatters the inside of their brain the he counts down from three and says *tick tick boom!* it explodes like a incendiary grenade burning their insides as fire shoots out of their eyes and mouth and they fall dead.
  • Zandatsu: Knight knocks his opponent into the air and pulls out one sword holding with both hands and with a series of slashes almost too quick for the human eye to see the opponent falls in various pieces as blood and bits rain down.
  • YTILATAF: Knight grabs the opponents waist and breaks their torso making them face the opposite direction then breaks their neck spinning it around so it's facing them direction as the torso as they fall over dead.
  • Heart Transplant: Knight rips out his opponents still beating heart then he jams a grenade into before shoving the heart back into the opponents chest they stand there as their whole body explodes.
  • Hung Up: Knight takes out a knife tied to a chain stabs the opponent in throat then ties it around their neck throws his staff in a wall then he swings his opponent over the staff wrapping the chain around it as they fall and break their neck with much force it almost rips off the head but barley stays on revealing their spine.


  • Brutality #1: Boom! Headshot!!: Knight shoots the opponent in the head with his desert eagle handgun making their head explode.
  • Brutality #2: Break You!!: he does his bomebreak combo but at the end breaks the opponents neck.
  • Brutality #3: Dumbell: knight punches the opponents in the nuts so hard their brain shoots out
  • Brutality #4:Right down the middle: knight does a enhanced version of his sword attack and he slices downward splitting the opponent in half
  • Brutality #5: Deadline: knight shoots the opponent with his two grapnel guns pulling out their ribcage and skull
  • Brutality #6: X-Ray Brutality: Knight does his X-ray but after the throat chop crushes the opponents throat blood spews out of their mouth before they fall over dead.


  • Special thanks to venommm for helping me make this character.
  • mentioned in a quote to have a fiance
  • Is 24 years old

Is 200Ibs

Has 0 body fat

Is 6'4

Has dark brown hair and hazel eyes

Got the idea for the death touch fatality from a episode of ninja turtles where splinter does that move to defeat the rat king

Is friends with Trevylers character Tavius

Additional DetailsEdit

  • Powers :enhanced stamina, durability,strength,speed,reflexes, agility
  • And healing factor,can't die,photographic memory, knows over 100 martial arts

If anyone wants anything to do with my character let me know in the comments



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