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| Status = alive | Origin = earthrealm | Resides = earthrealm | Species = Enhanced Human | Allies = Sub-Zero Raiden Johnny Cage Jade Kitana Smoke Cyrax Scorpion Cassie Cage Jax Sonya | Enemies = Shao Kahn Shinnok Shang Tsung Baraka Dvorha Quan Chi Goro Ferra/Torr Kotal Khan | Alignment = Good


Daniel was once a normal boy until a mysterious clan kidnapped him they trained and beat him they experimented on him one day he escaped but learned the expirements worked giving him powers he took on the identity of the Arkham Knight he acting a vigilante over many cities until one day a strange aura surrounded him teleporting him to a strange man named Raiden who said he needed his help....




After beating Shinnok Daniel then turned his sights onto Kotal Kahn who had abanded Earthrealm and tried to kill Cassie and her team enraged by the Outwordlers threats and betrayel Knight stormed Kotal Kahns fortress and slew his entire army until reaching Kotal Kahn himself the people of Outworld awoke to a horrorific sight Kotal Kahns dead body hanging from his fortress along with his army this was a message to all the realms no one will dare to threaten or attack Earthrealm ever again

Character RelationshipsEdit


Sub-Zero: Having heard many things about both brothers during his years as a assassin Knight respects Sub-Zero as a warrior and a Grandmaster and as a friend but that does not stop Knight from making ice puns or ice related jokes around him

Raiden: Knight has a huge amount of respect for Raiden he is one of the few people to see something special inside Knight

Liu Kang: Knight has some respect for Lius fighting skill and victories in previous Mortal Kombat tournaments but after betraying Raiden Knight now considers Liu Kang just another coward and enemy that he must now destroy

Tavius: Knight and Tavius get along very well and over the course of numerous missions together Knight and Tavius have become good friends and now make a near unstoppable team Tavius is the one person Knight trusts the most and is the one person Knight will follow anywhere

Smoke: Knight and Smoke get along fairly well and seem to respect one another with Knight calling Smokes powers pretty cool

Kitana: Knight and Kitana are friendly towards one another and seem to get along fine

Johnny Cage: Knight is actually a big fan of Cages movies and often asks him about his films and behind the scenes stories so they work together and get along greatly

Sonya Blade: Knight and Sonya's partnership is strained since Sonya having heard of The Knights past and the people he's killed meaning she does not trust him and considers him a criminal Knight states she only hates him because he actually makes a difference

Kung Lao: Knight and Kung Lao have a lot of tension with each other being polar opposites of one another Kung Lao doesn't like Knight because he believes Knight doesn't take anything serious and states that he doesn't know when to shut up while Knight says Kung Lao takes life way too seriously and needs to quit acting like he is better than everyone

Jade: Knight usually hits on Jade just to annoy Smoke but Knight just respects Jade as a warrior and are just ally's

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