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{{Character - Alternative | Name = Insert Name | Real Name = Daniel

| image =
BAK Sshot060

| Status = alive | Origin = earthrealm | Resides = earthrealm | Species = Enhanced Human | Allies = Sub-Zero Raiden Johnny Cage Jade Kitana Smoke Cyrax Scorpion Cassie Cage Jax Sonya | Enemies = Shao Kahn Shinnok Shang Tsung Baraka Dvorha Quan Chi Goro Ferra/Torr Kotal Khan | Alignment = Good


Daniel was once a normal boy until a mysterious clan kidnapped him they trained and beat him they experimented on him one day he escaped but learned the expirements worked giving him powers he took on the identity of the Arkham Knight he acting a vigilante over many cities until one day a strange aura surrounded him teleporting him to a strange man named Raiden who said he needed his help....




After beating Shinnok Daniel encountered a man called SubZero he recognized the symbol on his uniform as the same clan that kidnapped him SubZero and Daniel had once been friends before he escaped finally finding closure he asked Raiden to teleport him back to earthrealm but not before giving SubZero a summoner to call him if he ever needed him before teleporting away he gave them a solem bow

Character RelationshipsEdit


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