Come on!


—Pre-fight quote in Resurgence

Tsu Long is an Earthrealm warrior having defected from the Wu Shi Academy to the Black Sun Order. He later joins his fellow warriors of Earthrealm to fight in the Mortal Kombat tournament.


Tsu Long is brash, headstrong and openly defiant of the teachings of the Wu Shi academy, and by extension Raiden. He is quick to pick a fight and does not back down if challenged. However, he does sincerely desire to protect Earthrealm and its inhabitants, no matter how high the cost may grow.


Resurgence TimelineEdit

Tsu Long in the POV character of the second chapter of the Resurgence story. He is shown to have watched Johnny Cage protect Sonya Blade from Kano at a distance. Though he is dismissive of Johnny's personality, he does admire his skills. However, his thoughts are interupted by the arrival of Jade, who mockingly asks if Tsu Long is lost. Tsu Long replies it does not matter if he is or not and the two fight. Tsu Long gains the upper hand and defeats Jade, only for Kitana to step in and defend her friend. However, she too is defeated. Tsu Long departs from the area. Shang Tsung appears before Tsu Long to offer him a deal; a place of power at Shao Kahn's side in exchange for him defeating Liu Kang. Tsu Long refuses and prepares to attack the sorceror, however Reptile engages him instead. Tsu Long emerges the victor, however Reptile's intervention enabled Shang Tsung to escape. Tsu Long arrives at the arena the following morning and finds he must face off against the female Lin Kuei, Poison. Though Tsu Long gains the initial advantage, the Lin Kuei eventually pulls a reversal and manages to win the fight after feining defeat. It is only through the intervention of Fujin that Tsu Long is saved.

Tsu Long later appears in the Outworld tournament, watching as Ermac defeats Johnny Cage. He then steps forward and faces off against Shade. He is soon defeated afterwards, prompting Shao Kahn to taunt Raiden into putting forth a "worthy champion".


Resurgence: "Tsu Long had never looked back upon his defection from the Wu Shi Academy until the defeat of Shao Kahn. However, as the vicious konqueror perished, Tsu Long remembered his time under the guidance of the Shaolin with a renewed fondness. He resolved to rejoin the academy, but it was not to be. Before he could arrive, a poisoned knife found its way into his heart..."

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